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The Incredible Melting Man(1977)
Astronaut Steve West is exposed to unknown type of radiation after returning from a mission from Saturn. While in the hospital his health becomes worse and his flesh starts to melt from his body. He escapes and starts to kill people to keep him alive consuming their flesh. The local authorities want...
Betrayed By Innocence(1986)
Nick DeLeon (Barry Bostwick) has been accused of statutory rape with a young woman named Marisa Vogel (Cristen Kauffman). This movie is about the affair and the trial.
Blood Vows: The Story Of A Mafia Wife(1987)
A fashion designer named Marian (Melissa Gilbert) finds that her supposedly do-gooder husband Edward Moran (Joe Penny) is part of a family of a dangerous kind.
A secretary named Marion Crane steals $40,000 from her boss to help her get married to her boyfriend, Sam Loomis. She escapes Phoenix by car and hopes to to get to California however due to a terrible storm she has to go off the main road and stops at the Bates Motel. Marion finds the owner Norman B...
Battle for the Planet of the Apes(1973)
After a nuclear war has destroyed most of civilization the ape leader, Caesar, tries to create a peaceful society among humans and the apes. However the gorilla, General Aldo, opposes Caesar and wishes to overthrow him. Caesar also discovers a race mutated humans who are hostile and intend on destro...
Live Nude Girls(1995)
Don't let the title fool you for these fully dressed, childhood friends have gathered together for a bachelorette/slumber party. But throughout the evening, these five ladies share more than just their sexual fantasies, desires, past relationships, and their takes on men, they also have their share...
My Blue Heaven(1990)
A nerdy FBI agent(Rick Moranis) gets more than he bargained for protecting a larger than life ex mobster(Steve Martin).
Quote O' Matic
  • Elliot: "Please Sir Edith?"
    Sir Edith: "It's Sir Ed-ith."
    Elliot: "But on the book it's spelled Edith."
    Sir Edith: "But it is pronounced Ed-ith!"
    Elliot: "But it is a girls name."
    Sir Edith: "Look here, Edith is not a girls name. Edith is a boys name."
    Elliot: "Who were you named after?"
  • Ghost Dad