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The Curse Of The Fly(1965)
The Delambre family are still trying to perfect their invention,a teleportation device.As a result,of their failure,people are being transformed into hideous mutants.The final film of"The Fly" trilogy.
Love At First Sight(1977)
A young, blind man falls in love with a sweet,natured young woman.Unfortunately,the woman's overprotective father tries thwart his daughter's happiness.Starring a pre-"Saturday Night Live"Dan Aykroyd.
The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission(1985)
Major Reisman is "Volunteered" to lead another mission using convicted army soldiers, sentenced to either death or long prison terms. This time their mission is to kill a Nazi general who plans to assassinate Hitler.
The Passion of the Christ(2004)
The last twelve hours of Jesus' life begin in Gethsemane as Jesus prays and is tempted by Satan, while his apostles, Peter, James and John sleep. After receiving thirty pieces of silver, one of Jesus' other apostles, Judas, approaches with the temple guards and betrays Jesus with a kiss on the cheek...
Bend It Like Beckham(2002)
18-year-old Jessminder "Jess" Bharma is infatuated with soccer but because she is female and Indian, her parents do not allow her to play. She spends her spare time playing in the park with her friends including her best friend, closet homosexual Tony. After seeing her skill, Tony recommends she try...
Heaven Help Us(1985)
A new transfer student to St. Basil's Boys' Prep School tries to fit in while romantically pursuing a troubled young girl.
The Falcon And The Snowman(1985)
The true story of a disillusioned military contractor employee and his drug pusher childhood friend who became walk-in spies for the Soviet Union.
Spider-Man 3(2007)
Peter Parker plans to propose to Mary Jane Watson, who has just made her Broadway musical debut. Meanwhile, a meteorite crashes near the two in Central Park, and an extraterrestrial symbiote attaches itself to Peter's moped. Elsewhere, police pursue escaped prisoner Flint Marko, who climbs a securit...
Spider-Man 2(2004)
Peter Parker struggles to balance his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man with the demands of his normal life. Parker is estranged from both love interest Mary Jane Watson and best friend Harry Osborn, the latter still bent on revenge for Spider-Man's involvement in his father Norman's death. Harry,...
Inspired by the popular Marvel comic book series, Peter Parker, his best friend Harry Osborn, and Peter's secret crush Mary Jane Watson visit a genetics laboratory at Columbia University with their high school class. While taking photos in the laboratory, Peter is bitten on the hand by a genetically...
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