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Thank God It's Friday(1978)
After a long week of work and school we all need a break and Friday night has finally arrived and everybody is headed to the big dance contest at the hottest disco in town: The Zoo. Among the contests, a pair of underage girls who need to find a way inside and a man in leather who can dance his way...
Of Unknown Origin(1983)
Businessman Bart Hughes stay home alone when his family goes on vacation to work on a big project that will get him a promotion at work. However one night he finds out he has a over-sized rat that has invaded his home. He becomes obsessive on killing the rodent studying everything there is to know a...
Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings(1994)
A group of teens resurrect the demonic creature known as Pumkinhead. This time the creature was a deformed child of the local witch who was killed by some local teenagers 30 years before. Pumkinhead beings to go after the ones who killed him and the teenagers who resurrected him. Meanwhile the local...
A lesbian vampire couple waylay and abduct various passer-byes, both male and female, to hold them captive at their rural manor in the English countryside in order to kill and feed on them to satisfy their insatiable thirst for blood.
Funny About Love(1990)
Everybody has a biological clock ticking away and one man's is about to go off. Famed political cartoonist Duffy Bergman has just found the love of his life in gourmet chef, Meg Lloyd. After they marry, they find that love isn't enough and want to take things to a new level as the couple try to ha...
This movie depicts Gandhi's (Ben Kingsley) life from his time as a lawyer through his non-violent yet government-changing action against the British.
Getting It On(1983)
The movie is a teen sex comedy about voyeurism.
From the Earth to the Moon(1998)
This was a 12 part HBO miniseries about the history of NASA's Apollo program. It told the tale from a variety of different perspectives. Tom Hanks (one of the producers of the miniseries and, of course, also a star of "Apollo 13") introduced each episode.
The Vault Of Horror(1973)
Five men trapped in the basement vault of an office building share visions with each other of their demise. Stories revolve around vampires, bodily dismemberment, east Indian mysticism, an insurance scam, and an artist who kills by painting his victims' deaths.
Dreaming of Paradise(1987)
Strit og Stumme (Dreaming of Paradise) is a Danish cartoon from 1987 with instruction by Jannik Hastrup and screenplay by Jannik Hastrup and Bent Haller, after the latter's book Blåfolket (The Blue people). The movie takes place In future where people leverage in the subsurface because of...
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