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The Prince's Trust All-Star Rock Concert(1986)
This concert featured performances by, among others, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney and Tina Turner.
Three Kings(1999)
Three stars team up for this unusual look at America's role in the war against Iraq. In 1991, as the Gulf War winds to a close, three American servicemen find themselves happy to have achieved victory but wondering about the ultimate importance of what they've done (especially since Saddam Hussein i...
Alien Nation(1988)
In this vaguely allegorical science fiction-crime film, a Los Angeles cop tries to solve the murder of his best friend with the help of his new partner
At the New York City High School for the Performing Arts, students get specialized training that often leads to success as actors, singers, etc. This movie follows six students from the time when they audition to get into the school, through graduation. They are the brazen Coco Hernandez, shy Doris...
howling 2:your sister is a werewolf(1985)
the story continues after the events of the first film where ben white (reb brown) and his friend jenny templeton (annie mcenroe) who is desperate to find out what has happend to his sister karen white in the first act and both gets enlisted by a mysterious monster hunter stephan croscoe(christo...
Arthur 2:On The Rocks(1988)
Dudley Moore,Liza Minnelli,Cynthia Sikes,and Stephen Elliott, star in this 1988 sequel to the 1981 box office smash.Arthur Bach(Moore),and his bride Linda(Liza Minnelli)are living a great life,until Bert(Elliott)and Susan(Sikes)Johnson ,extract their revenge.Bert bankrupts Arthur,and the only way he...
Planet of the Apes (1968)(1968)
A group of astronauts land on a distant planet in the future, as first they find only primitive human life however they discover the world is dominated by a evolved race of Apes. The Apes hunt and gather the humans in the fields leaving only the Taylor. Taylor is studied by a female ape named Zira w...
Nursery Rhymes 2(1990)
Nursery Rhymes 2 is a Children's video directed by Dennis Abey, It was released by Pickwick Video in 1990 in the United Kingdom. It includes 44 favorite nursery rhymes and songs to dance and sing along to such as The Wheels on the Bus, Simple Simon, Five littl eSpeckled frogs and the Grand old duke...
There Was A Crooked Man...(1970)
A crook named Paris Pitman Jr. (Kirk Douglas) is looking to get out of jail to retrieve a $500,000 fortune.
Short Time(1990)
Dabney Coleman,Teri Garr,Matt Frewer,and Barry Corbin,star in hilarious action comedy,about a cop(Coleman),who is nearing retirement,only to find out,he's dying of a rare disease(or so he thinks).Burt Simpson(Coleman)is looking forward to retirement,but then finds out he's dying,thanks to a slip up...
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  • Claude: "That stuff I took, it was supposed to be speed, but I think it was acid. I'm flashing."
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