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Combat Shock(1986)
A Vietnam veteran named Frankie (Rick Giovinazzo) is troubled by both memories of his soldiering days and his troubled home life. The movie details the problems he has dealing with them.
Set in a post-apocalyptic future where disease is plaguing the few remaining inhabitants of Earth. Scientists are close to discovering a cure for the plague that is sweeping the country. Gibson (Van Damme) leads a group to Atlanta to gain information needed for the cure, along the way battling a gro...
When a scientist for the military is assassinated by rival agents after developing a high-tech armored motorcycle with an infinite power source, it's up to his girlfriend to deliver the top secret “Cyclone” to trusted hands.
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls(1970)
Three girls come to Hollywood to make it big, but find only sex, drugs and sleaze.
Clean and Sober(1988)
Daryl Pointer (Michael Keaton) is already dealing with alcohol and cocaine issues, but now he has a dead woman in his bed and an accusation of thievery from his employers. He decides to hide out at a rehab facility, but the process helps him change his life.
Body Slam(1987)
A music agent(Dirk Benedict)gets involved with managing a professional wrestler(Rowdy Roddy Piper).
Fat Head(2009)
A documentary film starring Tom Naughton as a response to the documentary "Super Size Me". Deciding eating five thousand calories a day would make anybody fat and unhealthy, Naughton does out to prove how eating fast food can actually help result in a slim down of the human body and an improvement o...
Breaking The Rules(1992)
A cancer stricken man takes his two best friends whom he hasn't seen in a long time on a road trip. The two friends aren't talking to each other due to a bad fallout years ago. On the way they meet an attractive wild woman with a heart of gold.
Cemetery of Terror (Cementerio del terror)(1985)
A professor insist on the body of recently killed Satanic serial killer, Devlon, be incinerated however before the police officials can do anything about it a group of medical students and their girlfriends steal the body for a party prank at the local cemetery. The students bring back the body to t...
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