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American Angels: Baptism Of Blood(1989)
Lisa (Jan McKenzie) wants to follow in the footsteps of her wrestler grandfather. She joins a female wrestling promotion called American Angels, and she finds that things will be rough.
Weekend Warriors(1986)
Chris Lemmon,Lloyd Bridges,and Vic Tayback star in this 1986 comedy.In 1961 Hollywood,a group of young actors/performers,join the air force reserves,in order to avoid the draft.Soon their unit is activated for military service in Germany.
Liberace: Behind The Music(1988)
One of two competing TV movies about Liberace from 1988, Victor Garber plays the title role in this one.
Lace II(1985)
Now that Lili (Phoebe Cates) knows the identity of her mother, her next step is finding out who her father is.
The Getaway(1994)
This is a remake of the 1972 crima drama with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger in the Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw roles respectively.
Young Sherlock Holmes(1985)
From producer Steven Spielberg and director Berry Levinson, comes the untold story of Sherlock Holmes when he and Dr. Watson first met as Schoolboys and solved their first mystery together. There had been mysterous deaths happening all over London, England caused by hallucination and Sherlock and Wa...
Black Beauty (1978)(1978)
This is a 1978 TV movie adaptation of the classic novel.
Deep Blue Sea(1999)
in a underwater research facility called Aquatica, a group of scientist hoping to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Susan McAlester genetically engineers three Mako Sharks so that that the brain tissue to acquire more tissue to help find a cure, however this also makes the shark more intellig...
Blinky Bill The Movie(1992)
Blinky Bill and his friends lived a relatively normal life in the Australian Bush however there peaceful home is destroyed by humans. Billy Bill and his friends in an attempt to battle the construction workers and save there home from devastation. This film was very unique for the time as it was sho...
Reality Bites(1994)
A variety of Generation Xers in Houston learn about how love and life can change when you're an adult.
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