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A young man(John Amplas)who thinks he is a vampire goes to live with his old,and superstitious, grand uncle.
The Pink Panther(1964)
The first"Pink Panther"film introduces us to the bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau(Peter Sellers) who is investigating the theft of the infamous"Pink Panther" diamond.
The Curse(1987)
A meteorite lands on a farmer's property,contaminates the land,and soon everyone starts going insane.
Cube 2:Hypercube(2002)
2002"Cube"sequel stars Kari Matchett("Covert Affairs")and Geraint Wyn Davies("Forever Knight").A group of people try to escape a high tech tesseract,or four dimensional hypercube.
Anthology horror film hosted by a morgue attendant(John Carpenter) features 3 short episodes.The first"Gas Station" features Robert Carradine as a serial killer. The second"Hair" features Stacy Keach as a balding man who gets alien hair plugs.The final episode is"Eye" featuring Mark Hamill as a bas...
A lonely butcher(Ernest Borgnine)finds a soulmate in a shy school teacher(Betsy Blair)
The Hand(1981)
The severed hand of a comic book artist(Michael Caine),comes alive,and begins killing people.
A woman(Isabelle Adjani)begins to behave strangely after asking her husband(Sam Neill)for a divorce.
Love and Death on Long Island(1997)
A stuffy,middle aged,British intellectual(John Hurt)becomes obsessed with an American teenage heartthrob(Jason Priestly).
White Chicks(2004)
Two disgraced FBI agents go way undercover in an effort to protect hotel heiresses the Wilson Sisters from a kidnapping plot.
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