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Stephen Frears' Hero is a contemporary re-working of a Frank Capra-styled fable about a two-bit criminal named Bernie (Dustin Hoffman) who saves several passengers from a plane crash and leaves the scene without being identified, leaving only a lost shoe for identification. One of the passengers hap...
Short Time(1990)
Dabney Coleman,Teri Garr,Matt Frewer,and Barry Corbin,star in hilarious action comedy,about a cop(Coleman),who is nearing retirement,only to find out,he's dying of a rare disease(or so he thinks).Burt Simpson(Coleman)is looking forward to retirement,but then finds out he's dying,thanks to a slip up...
Life 101(1995)
Corey Haim and Amy Dolenz team up in this touching romantic comedy about first love, friendships, and fun. Corey Haim is Ramsey Blake, a shy and quiet college freshman who really dosen't know to much about the whole college scene. Enter Ramsey's roomate Buck, a self proclaimed know it all when it co...
There Was A Crooked Man...(1970)
A crook named Paris Pitman Jr. (Kirk Douglas) is looking to get out of jail to retrieve a $500,000 fortune.
Nursery Rhymes 2(1990)
Nursery Rhymes 2 is a Children's video directed by Dennis Abey, It was released by Pickwick Video in 1990 in the United Kingdom. It includes 44 favorite nursery rhymes and songs to dance and sing along to such as The Wheels on the Bus, Simple Simon, Five littl eSpeckled frogs and the Grand old duke...
One of the most memorable Disney classics about a baby elephant born with enormous ears. Sadly, he is teased and taunted by the other elephants, until he discovers (with the help of his friend, Timothy Q. Mouse) that his ears allow him to fly.
Charley And The Angel(1973)
An angel (Harry Morgan) visits workaholic father Charley Appleby (Fred MacMurray) and informs him that he'll die soon. Charley then makes efforts to make up for lost time with his family.
Gloria Swenson (Gena Rowlands) takes care of young Phil Dawn (John Adames) against the crooks who killed his family.
Song of the South (1986 Re-issue)(1986)
Walt Disney Pictures presents "Song of the South" In 1986 this Disney classic from 1946 was re-released to theaters for it's very last time and during the holiday season of 1986, it's released onto VHS for its first and indeed its last time. As of the first decade of the 2000s, this Disney class...
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