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Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai(1999)
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai is directed by acclaimed film director Jim Jarmusch and was released in 1999. Forrest Whitaker portrays the title character Ghost Dog. The movie also co-stars a young Camille Winbush (Of 'The Bernie Mac Show' fame). The movie features the soundtrack done by the RZA...
Weekend Warriors(1986)
Chris Lemmon,Lloyd Bridges,and Vic Tayback star in this 1986 comedy.In 1961 Hollywood,a group of young actors/performers,join the air force reserves,in order to avoid the draft.Soon their unit is activated for military service in Germany.
American Angels: Baptism Of Blood(1989)
Lisa (Jan McKenzie) wants to follow in the footsteps of her wrestler grandfather. She joins a female wrestling promotion called American Angels, and she finds that things will be rough.
Assault And Matrimony(1987)
Silvia (Jill Eikenberry) and Edgar (Michael Tucker) are having marital troubles. They both love their house, but they realize that if they were to divorce, they would have to sell it. They decide to do something a little different to bring the marraige to an end...
Crazy People(1990)
Hello. Meet Emory Leeson, an advertising executive who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and is up against a deadline. Feeling stressed out, he decides to do something that no one has done before: take a "truthful" approach in advertisments. Unfortunately, his colleague, Stephen finds that hi...
Black Sunday(1977)
Robert Shaw,Bruce Dern,Marthe Keller,and Fritz Weaver,starred in this 1977 action film.Michael Lander(Dern) is a blimp pilot,and a former Vietnam, prisoner of war.Having suffered a great deal of mental anguish,Lander conspires with a Palestianian terrorist group,to coordinate a terror attack,during"...
Murder: By Reason Of Insanity(1985)
The Berwids, Ewa (Candice Bergen) and Adam (Jurgen Prochnow), are immigrants from Poland. When they come to America, their careers diverge. His is a failure, her's is a success, and jealousy rears its' very ugly head.
Lock Up(1989)
Sylvester Stallone plays Frank Leone, a convict that is serving the last few months of his sentence. Leone is transferred in the middle of the night to Gateway Prison where he meets with Warden Drumgoole played by Donald Sutherland. Drumgoole is holding a serious grudge since Leone had escaped from...
Blinky Bill The Movie(1992)
Blinky Bill and his friends lived a relatively normal life in the Australian Bush however there peaceful home is destroyed by humans. Billy Bill and his friends in an attempt to battle the construction workers and save there home from devastation. This film was very unique for the time as it was sho...
Deep Blue Sea(1999)
in a underwater research facility called Aquatica, a group of scientist hoping to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Susan McAlester genetically engineers three Mako Sharks so that that the brain tissue to acquire more tissue to help find a cure, however this also makes the shark more intellig...
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