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Godzilla (Gojira)(1954)
In Ishirō Honda's 1954 classic, nuclear tests unleash the unstoppable radioactive beast known as "Gojira", or "Godzilla", upon Japan's major cities. In order to stop the creature's colossal rampage, ship captain Hideto Ogata, paleontologist Kyohei Yamane, his daughter Emiko, and Dr. Daisuke Serizawa...
Make Mine Music(1946)
To keep the feature film business alive during World War II, when many of Walt Disney's employees and animators were drafted into the U.S Army, Disney released this film along with a few other "package films". The ten segments included in this film include, The Martins and the Coys, Blue Bayou, All...
Saludos Amigos(1942)
One of six Disney "package films" developed during the World War II era. Set in Latin America, it is made up of four different segments; Donald Duck stars in two of them and Goofy stars in one. It also features the first appearance of José Carioca, the Brazilian parrot. Saludos Amigos was popular en...
Fun and Fancy Free(1947)
One of Disney's World War II Era "package films". This one has the least number of segments with the longest length. In "Bongo", a circus bear wants to have a free life in the woods. In "Mickey & the Beanstalk" Mickey and his friends act out a version of the classic tale "Jack & the Beanstalk". This...
The Three Caballeros(1944)
One of Disney's World War II Era "package films". The film is plotted as a series of self-contained segments, strung together by the device of Donald Duck opening birthday gifts from his Latin American friends. Several Latin American stars of the period appear, including singers Aurora Miranda (sist...
Barbershop 2: Back In Business(2004)
The crew from the original movie engages in new antics.
Out Of Time(2003)
A Florida police chief must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion.
Hustle & Flow(2005)
With help from his friends, a Memphis pimp in a mid-life crisis attempts to become a successful hip-hop emcee.
Four Brothers(2005)
The shooting Murder of their adoptive Mother. Brings Four diverse brothers back home to Detroit, to hunt down the suspects and avenge their mother.
Bad News Bears (2005)(2005)
A grizzled little league coach tries to turn his team of misfits into champs.
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