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Personal Best(1982)
Aspiring Olympian Chris Cahill (Mariel Hemingway) finds herself in 2 relationships: One with her coach Terry Tingloff (Scott Glenn) and the other with fellow athlete Tory Skinner (Patrice Donnelly). All the ups and downs on and off the field are featured in this sports tale.
Playing For Keeps(1986)
A gang of high school graduates come across the deed to a large house. They decide to take advantage of this find and create their own hotel. Needless to say, there are complication along the way.
Samson and Sally: The Song of the Whales(1984)
This film is about two young whales Samson and Sally who had become orphaned. They travel with Samson's family avoiding Iron Beasts(Whaling ships) and environmental disasters such as oil spills and toxic dumping. Samson eventually attempts to seek help from the legendary Moby Dick to help fend off...
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians(1964)
The children of Mars have grown obsessed with Earth television especially with the news channels coverage of Santa Claus. Kimar (leader of the Martins) consults the eldest Martins, Chochem, who claims that the children of Mars need to have fun and happiness again. This makes Kimar and the other lead...
Some Kind Of Hero(1982)
Former Vietnam P.O.W Eddie Keller (Richard Pryor) is returned to American shores, and while he is welcomed at first, eventually he comes to find that things will be hard for him in his effort to return to his former life.
Squeeze Play(1979)
This movie is a comedy about a game between 2 baseball teams, one all-male, the other all-female.
Stuck On You!(1983)
A judge named Gabriel (Irwin Corey) helps an estranged couple repair their marraige by telling them stories of couples throughout history.
Susie Q(1996)
It starts out in the 50's with Susie getting ready for Prom which she is going to with her boyfriend. On the way the couple get into a sudden car crash that ends their lives. Years later to the present day, a boy named Zach Sands moves into Susie's old house with his sister and mother. One night, Za...
Slayers The Motion Picture(1995)
Powerful sorceresses, Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent take a vacation to the mysterious island known as Mipross, however they manage to find out there is trouble on the island due to a demon Joyrock. They meet a wizard named Rowdy Gabriev who helps them in trying to to defeat Joyrock. Directed...
Six Weeks(1982)
California politician Patrick Dalton (Dudley Moore) befriends a mother named Charlotte Dreyfus (Mary Tyler Moore) and her daughter, a leukemia-stricken ballet enthusiast named Nicole (Katherine Healy). Dalton helps the Dreyfus' out during the final weeks of Nicole's life.
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