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The First Turn-On!!(1983)
A group of young campers trapped in a cave tell each other tales of their first lustful experiences.
The Fly 2(1989)
Seth Brundle has died, but his son Martin (Eric Stoltz) is carrying on in his dad's tradition...In more ways than one.
The Great Gatsby(1974)
Robert Redford and Mia Farrow star in the 1974 version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, "The Great Gatsby". The quiet Nick Carroway lives in a small cottage on west egg next door to the mysterious and wealthy Jay Gatsby (Redford).Gatsby is in love with the lovely Daisy Buchannon who lives...
The Double O Kid(1992)
Lance, a teenager, dreams to be a secret agent when he is suddenly in the middle of an hacker intrigue which aims at an international environmental congress. Lance gets in possession of a computer access card one of which the hackers are in urgent need of for their operation. Lance begins to play wi...
The Best of Benny Hill(1974)
A compilation movie of Benny's best sketches,from the first 4 years of his Thames Television Series(1969-1973).
The Adventures Of Captain Zoom In Outer Space (1995)
When the evil dictator Lord Vox of Vestron attempts to once again take over a planet liberated by rebel forces. A boy genius uses his skills in technology and science to transport Captain Zoom, earth’s greatest and most revered galactic hero to save their planet and put a stop top Lord...
The Adventures of Hercules(1985)
Lou Ferrigno returns as the man with the strength of a hundred in this action packed sequel that finds the fabled warrior facing his greatest challenge. Created to be the strong arm of Zeus, Hercules must now save his very creator from a coup by other gods.
The Adventures of the Wilderness Family(1977)
The Robinson family make the decision to leave the big city behind and live a more natural life. This movie details their trials and tribulations living in the forest.
The Awakening(1980)
Archeologist Matthew Corbeck (Charlton Heston) is placed in an unenviable position when his daughter is possessed by the spirit of an Egyptian queen bent on destroying humanity.
The Legend of Boggy Creek(1972)
Based on the true events about various encounters with the Bigfoot like creature called the Fouke Monster, the town of Fouke, Arkansas recalls the terrifying encounters (going back to the 1950's) with the monster through various retellings and interviews recreated in the documentary style. Direct...
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