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A Fistful of Dynamite (1971)
Set in 1913 Mexico, "A Fistful of Dynamite," is a story about a former Irish terrorist (James Coburn) who befriends a Mexican bandit (Rod Steiger), and who together play a major, often reluctant part in the Mexican Revolution.
Blood Beach(1981)
Once engaged couple, Harry Caulder and Catherine Hutton, are reunited after Mariana's mother disappears on the beach. Someone or something has been attacking and killing people on the beach leaving almost no trace. It's up to them to try and find clues behind all the mysterious disappearances across...
Bobby Deerfield(1977)
The title character (Al Pacino) is a famous race-car driver whose life changes when he falls in love with a terminally ill woman named Lillian (Marthe Keller).
Combat Shock(1986)
A Vietnam veteran named Frankie (Rick Giovinazzo) is troubled by both memories of his soldiering days and his troubled home life. The movie details the problems he has dealing with them.
Set in a post-apocalyptic future where disease is plaguing the few remaining inhabitants of Earth. Scientists are close to discovering a cure for the plague that is sweeping the country. Gibson (Van Damme) leads a group to Atlanta to gain information needed for the cure, along the way battling a gro...
When a scientist for the military is assassinated by rival agents after developing a high-tech armored motorcycle with an infinite power source, it's up to his girlfriend to deliver the top secret “Cyclone” to trusted hands.
Bloodlust: Subspecies 3(1994)
Still in the thrall of the evil vampire Radu, Michelle yearns to be taught the skills of the vampire. Meanwhile, her sister Becky tries to free her from his evil clutches, and this time, she's brought some help.
Clean and Sober(1988)
Daryl Pointer (Michael Keaton) is already dealing with alcohol and cocaine issues, but now he has a dead woman in his bed and an accusation of thievery from his employers. He decides to hide out at a rehab facility, but the process helps him change his life.
Body Slam(1987)
A music agent(Dirk Benedict)gets involved with managing a professional wrestler(Rowdy Roddy Piper).
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  • Guard and Bandit Brother (names?): Guard: Hey...I thought you were tied up!
    Bandit: That's because you're stupid!
    -Guard and Bandit Brother (names?)
  • The Mask of Zorro