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The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult(1994)
The danger never ends for Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen). After many years on the force, he's finally retired...Or so he thinks. A trio of terrorists have set their sights on the Academy Awards, and now Frank has to infiltrate them. On top of that, his relationship with now-wife Jane Spencer (Priscil...
The Lair Of The White Worm(1988)
In a remote corner of England's Peak District, a mysterious skull is unearthed. But even weirder is that Lady Sylvia steals the skull for use in worshiping - very erotically - her pagan god, The White Worm, who hungers for the taste of virginal flesh.
The Island of Dr. Moreau(1996)
A big-budget remake of the H.G. Wells story (previously filmed in 1977), The Island of Dr. Moreau follows a shipwrecked sailor (David Thewlis) who stumbles upon a mysterious island. He's shocked to discover that a brilliant scientist (Marlon Brando) and his lab assistant (Val Kilmer) have found a wa...
The Christmas That Almost Wasn't(1966)
Santa Claus acquires the services of a kindly but struggling lawyer "Sam Whipple"(Paul Tripp)to help him pay off his large rent bill to his mean and vindictive landlord..Rich miser"Phinease T.Prune" (Rosano Brazzi). "Wonderama"host:Sonny Fox also appears in the film as turn of the century dept. stor...
Devil's Advocate(1997)
Look, we know that most lawyers are evil, but John Milton (Al Pacino) is a special case. He's even worse than your average ambulance chaser, and up-and-coming lawyer Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) is going to find out just how much worse is.
The Fan (1981)(1981)
A troubled young man named Douglas Breen (Michael Biehn) adores an older entertainer named Sally Ross (Lauren Bacall). When she rejects his letters, he sets out to ruin her by any means necessary.
The Hunt for Red October(1990)
When a Soviet nuclear sub headed toward American waters drops off U.S. scanners, the Yanks scramble to take defensive steps. But CIA analyst Jack Ryan convinces the brass that the sub's commander has something other than a first strike in mind. A perilous cat-and-mouse game ensues.
The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat(1974)
In this 1974 sequel to the X-rated hit "Fritz the Cat", We see Fritz married to a nagging wife, living on welfare, and he's out of work. And he's hating every minute of his new life. To escape his nagging reality, he smokes pot and has a psychadelic trip that takes him to his eight other lives. This...
The Philadelphia Experiment(1984)
Based on an "actual event" that took place in 1943. About a US Navy Destroyer Escort that disappeared from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and sent two men 40 years into the future to 1984.
The Taking of Beverly Hills(1991)
Basically "Die Hard" on the ground, this movie is about a former football player named Boomer Hayes (Ken Wahl), who rises to save the day when a gang of thieves led by a man named Ed Kelvin (Matt Frewer) use a man-made disaster to case houses in Beverly Hills.
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