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Indian Summer(1993)
A group of childhood friends, now in their thirties, reunite at Camp Tamakwa. Only a few of the original campers show up, but they still have a good time reminiscing. The people share experiences and grow while at the camp. They are dismayed to discover that the camp's owner, Unca Lou, is going to c...
Legally Blonde(2001)
When a blonde sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to law school to get him back and, once there, learns she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined.
Long Time Gone(1986)
A "world-class screw-up" private eye (Paul le Mat) finds his world and his attention changed when he is reunited with his estranged 11-year old son (Wil Wheaton). At the film's beginning, Le Mat is a down-on-his-luck gambler with the mob on his heals. When his son, whom he abandoned 10 years earlier...
Plastic surgery can ruin your life...Literally. The patients of plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Roberts (Albert Finner) are dying in all sorts of ways. With the assistance of Cindy (Susan Dey), a former patient of his who is next on the hit list, Roberts discovers that there's more to the murders than mee...
Mad Scientist on vhs(1988)
dr. sly and brian go on "mad" cap adventures with dr. sly's wacky inventions join dr. sly and brian as they try to control a living house and living breathing lawn mowers!? As well as try to turn off a machine that is voice activated, but can dr. sly keep his big mouth shut or can they stop the mac...
Little Big League(1994)
The owner of the Minnesota Twins baseball team passes away of natural causes and in his will, leaves his grandson, Billy Heywood, ownership of the team. Billy, despite being only 12 years old, is a devotee of the sport, knows the twins inside out, and believes he has what it takes to make the Twins...
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  • Egyptian man: To open the sacred barial chamber of Kufu is to invite a plague of misery upon humanity. Fire shall rain down from the sky, locust shall devour crops.. Olsen Twins.. will make more movies.
    -Egyptian man
  • Pinky and the Brain