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The Next Three Days(2010)
A married couple's life is turned upside down when the wife is accused of a murder.
Flesh Feast(1970)
A ring of Nazis in Florida is in possession of the body of Adolf Hitler, and plan revive him so they can take over the world.
Land Of The Dead(2005)
The living dead have taken over the world, and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves as they come to grips with the situation.
Home is a 2006 documentary directed by Dawn Scibilia, produced by Dawn Scibilia and Alan Cooke, written by Alan Cooke, and narrated by Alan Cooke. It stars Alan Cooke, Liam Neeson, Susan Sarandon, Mike Myers, Frank Mc Court, Rosie Perez, Alfred Molina, Colin Quinn, Pete Hamill, Malachy Mc Court, Fra...
This Film Is Not Yet Rated(2006)
A documentary by Kirby Dick which goes into considerable detail over the rating policies in the US and how in turn they affect a film's distribution and the ways in which it may be changed before release. This film contains several interviews with filmmakers along with scenes that have been removed...
Cut-Throats Nine(1972)
A wagon load of convicts on their way to prison is being escorted through the mountains by a cavalry troop. They are attacked by a bandit gang, and only a sergeant, his beautiful young daughter and an assortment of seven sadistic, murderous prisoners survive, and they are left without horses or a wa...
Wicked, Wicked(1973)
A tongue-in-cheek psycho movie in "Duo-vision." The entire feature employs the split-screen technique used in parts of Brian De Palma's "Sisters" that same year. As a handyman at a seacoast hotel, Randolph Roberts wears a monster mask while he kills and dismembers women with blond hair. Tiffany Boll...
The Vault Of Horror(1973)
Five men trapped in the basement vault of an office building share visions with each other of their demise. Stories revolve around vampires, bodily dismemberment, east Indian mysticism, an insurance scam, and an artist who kills by painting his victims' deaths.
A lesbian vampire couple waylay and abduct various passer-byes, both male and female, to hold them captive at their rural manor in the English countryside in order to kill and feed on them to satisfy their insatiable thirst for blood.
Thriller: A Cruel Picture(1973)
A young woman, muted after a sexual assault as a child, is trained to seek violent revenge on those who have wronged her after being kidnapped and forced to work as a prostitute.
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