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Son of Godzilla(1967)
Godzilla adopts a son, Minya and fights off three praying mantises and a huge tarantula. A shark-jumper to the franchise.
Hell Comes To Frogtown(1988)
In a post apocalyptic world,an outlaw is drafted to rescue an imprisoned group of woman, from a band of mutant frogs.
Live Nude Girls(1995)
Don't let the title fool you for these fully dressed, childhood friends have gathered together for a bachelorette/slumber party. But throughout the evening, these five ladies share more than just their sexual fantasies, desires, past relationships, and their takes on men, they also have their share...
Nobody's Perfekt(1981)
Gabe Kaplan,Alex Karras,Robert Kline,and Susan Clark,star in this 1981 comedy.After their car is damaged by a pothole,and the city refuses to pay for damages,3 friends steal an army howitzer,and take on the government's bureaucracy.
Blood Vows: The Story Of A Mafia Wife(1987)
A fashion designer named Marian (Melissa Gilbert) finds that her supposedly do-gooder husband Edward Moran (Joe Penny) is part of a family of a dangerous kind.
Quote O' Matic
  • Mia: I'm gonna get a couple of hard pipe hittin niggas to go to work on his ass with a pair of plyers and a blow torch.
  • Pulp Fiction