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Best Defense(1984)
An engineer builds a targeting system,which is later used by a US soldier.Starring Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy.
A young,blind woman,receives a cornea transplant.While recovering,she believes she witnessed a murder. But due to side effects of the surgery,she isn't certain of the murderer's existence.Starring Madeline Stowe and Aidan Quinn.
Denise Calls Up(1995)
Modern technology can be such a good thing and many rely on it to get through their day. But for several New Yorkers, they tend to use it too much interfacing via their PCs, faxes, and of course, telephones, without having to meet face to face. Linda had planned a party, but no one came where ever...
Elmo Saves Christmas(1996)
It's Christmas Eve and Elmo plans to stay up to see Santa come down his chimney. Elmo gets awakened in the middle of the night by Santa who winds up stuck in the chimney. Elmo pulls him out where they discover the extra source of weight that trapped Santa-a stowaway reindeer named Lightning who hid...
Elvis And Me(1988)
This TV movie is based on Priscilla Presley's autobiography of the same name. Dale Midkiff plays Elvis and Susan Walters plays Priscilla.
Family Of Spies(1990)
Navy man John A. Walker Jr. (Powers Boothe) is having financial difficulties, so he decides to put his high-access knowledge to bad use and sell secrets to the Soviets. It greatly impacts his family life.
Daughter Of Darkness(1990)
A young woman named Katharine (Mia Sara) searches for the identity of her father in Romania, and encounters terrors on the way there.
Two bumbling hitmen kill the owner of a burglar alarm company.They then stalk the owner's wife,his business partner,and the loser who gets blamed for the murder.Starring Bruce Campbell,Brion James,Paul Smith,and Louise Lasser.
Blow Out(1981)
A sound effects technician captures evidence of a Presidential hopeful's assassination.Starring John Travolta,Nancy Allen,and John Lithgow.
Blue in the Face(1995)
Fox plays Pete Maloney. Blue in the Face was filmed over a five-day period as a follow-up to Wang's 1995 movie Smoke.Madonna performs a "Singing Telegram" song in one scene of the movie.
Quote O' Matic
  • Tamaki: Forget this pool! We'll go this way! (They see crocodiles)
    Hikaru & Kaoru: They're over here, too!
    Haruhi: And here! Why are there crocodiles?
    Kyouya: That pool over there is one for tropical animals, but I guess breeding crocodiles was dangerous after all
  • Ouran High School Host Club