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The Story Lady(1990)
An elderly widow(played by Ms.Jessica Tandy)is forced to move in with her daughter and her son in law in New Jersey. Bored by inactivity and finding the activities at the senior citizens center unacceptable. The widow soon discovers the wonders of Public access cable tv....
The Snapper(1993)
Dessie Curley is an average working class man with a wife and six children in a tight knit community. But life in this cheerful and noisy Irish home is hit by a bombshell, when the eldest daughter, 20 year old Sharon, announces that she's pregnant...and to make things even more complicated, she ref...
Collision Course(1989)
a Detriot detective, and a Japanese investigator,team up tp find a stolen turbocharger.Starring Jay Leno and Pat Morita.
A recently orphaned millionairess, Olivia, really hates her scheming step-father. Olivia finds love with a young yacht racing captain, Tim, who isn't completely truthful with her. When the two run into a problem the local cop, who happens to be an old friend of Olivia's, seems to be turning a blind...
A computer specialist is sued for sexual harassment by a former lover turned boss who initiated the act forcefully, which threatens both his career and his personal life.
The Mighty Quinn(1989)
When police officer Xavier Quinn's childhood friend, Maubee, becomes associated with murder and a briefcase full of ten thousand dollar bills, The Mighty Quinn must clear his name. Or try to catch him, which could be even trickier.
Valet Girls(1986)
This comedy is about an aspiring singer and her friends who start a valet service to get closer to industry types who can help her achieve success.
Visiting Hours(1982)
Deborah is a t.v. news reporter with a penchant for confrontation. After one particularly heated broadcast, she finds herself in hot water when a psychopathic, deranged co-worker decides to do her in. After a violent attempt on her life and the murder of her housekeeper, Deborah is guarded night and...
Switching Channels(1988)
Sully is the producer of a cable news network program. Christy is his ex-wife and best reporter. Her desire to quit the news business and marry Blaine, a sporting goods manufacturer comes as an innocent man is about to be executed. Sully's attempts to keep her in town and break up her upcoming marri...
The River Rat(1984)
On the lazy banks of the Mississippi, a young girl is reunited with her time-served but innocent father. But the reunion is tainted with the whereabouts of the stolen loot, and those who come looking for it... With a luminous cast starring Tommy Lee Jones, Martha Plimpton and Brian Dennehy, this fi...
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