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Wee Sing in Sillyville(1900)
Two kids named Scott and Laurie and there basset hound Barney get transformed in to a coloring book by a character named Sillwhim to help her and her friends in Sillyville become friends again and to get the colors back in to Sillywhims clothes which faded when everyone in Sillyville quit speeking t...
Violent Shit 3 - Infantry of Doom(1999)
Karl, The Demented Splatterflick Villian From The First Two Installments, Continues His Reign Of Terror On A Remote Island With The Help Of His Equally Demented Son And Their Newly Formed Infantry Of Doom. When Three Friends Arrive On The Island They Are Captured And Turned Loose To Be Hunted Down B...
Violent Shit II(1992)
After Karl, The Killer From Th First VS, Passes Its Up To His Son To Fill In For Him. Driven To Insanity By His Deranged Mother, Karl Jr. Goes On A Blood Drenched Killing Spree That Takes Him To A Construction Site, A Tanning Salon, A Movie Theater, And Various Other Places.
Three Kinds Of Heat(1987)
A trio of crime-busters pursue a criminal from Harlem to London.
Tough Enough(1983)
In this countrified version of Rocky,Dennis Quaid plays Art Long An inspiring country music singer,who decides to enter A regional toughman boxing contest.After winning,he gets A shot at The National Toughman Championship,and A singing contract.The question is;is he tough enough to win it all?
Trilogy of Terror(1975)
In one of her most memorable films, Karen Black stars as four different women in three different tales of terror in this made-for-t.v. gem. In story one she plays Julie, a schoolmarm type university professor that is intimidated, terrorized, and blackmailed by one of her adoring students (Robert...
Tromeo and Juliet(1997)
A modern punk, Troma adaptation of Shakespear. Film follows Tromeo and Juliet and their families hate each other leading them to kill their selves.
Wee Sing Under the Sea(1994)
Have you ever wanted to spend a day with an octopus, a starfish, a sea otter, or a penguin? Well, now you can with Wee Sing Under the Sea. Enter the beautiful world beneath the waves as you join Devin and his loveable Granny on their sparkling underwater adventure. Peek through the seaweed and meet...
Wee Sing: The Best Christmas Ever!(1990)
Fill your holidays with extra good cheer from the special world of Wee Sing as Santa's elves work their magic to create the best Christmas ever! Join Susie, Johnny, Nellie, Will, and some unexpected guests on an enchanting trip to the North Pole. Poofer, Dimpie, Snooter, and the rest of SantaâÂâ...
Quote O' Matic
  • Myra: "Hey, put that back; it's priceless!"
    (Dumptruck drops the vase, breaking it)
    Don Karnage: "What are you doing?!"
    Dumptruck: "Uh, she said it wasn't worth anything..."
  • TaleSpin