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Private School(1983)
Christine (Phoebe Cates), a student at an exclusive all-girls private school, is in love with Jim, who attends an academy for boys nearby. Christine's arch rival Jordan also has her eye on Jim, and she is willing to do whatever she can to steal him away. Jim's uber-slob buddy Bubba is going with Bet...
Bloodbath at the House of Death(1984)
Six scientists arrive at the creepy Headstone Manor to investigate a strange phenomena which was the site of a mysterious massacre years earlier where 18 guests were killed in one night. It turns out that the house is the place of a satanic cult lead by a minister monk who plans to kill the scientis...
Bloodsuckers from Outer Space(1984)
An Invisible Alien presence invades rural Texas.Revoltingly Killing it's victims. Reanimating their corpses and sending them on a bloodthirsty rampage. Scientists at the local research lab set out to study the phenomenom.While top military brass are hell bent on destroying the bloodsuckers. A...
The Manhattan General Hospital has admitted a string of young women who have been raped by something otherworldly. The perpetrator only attacks women who are virgins. Dr. Pace and Detective Andriotti work together to try and isolate the strange organic material found on the victims, and to try and l...
The Kindred(1987)
Amanda's deathbed request to her son, John, was for him to destroy all the lab notes etc. from her last experiment. She also blurts out he had a brother. At the funeral John meets Melissa, who claims to be his mothers biggest fan. Together with some of John's friends they go to Amanda's house, but n...
The Virgin Suicides(1999)
They were the Lisbon sisters: Cecilia was 13, Lux was 14, Bonnie was 15, Mary was 16, and Therese was 17. And they were the objects of desire of a group of teenage boys in 1970's Michigan. Many people thought the Lisbons were a model family...that is until the suicide of the youngest daughter. After...
To Catch a Yeti(1995)
two men go out into the woods to catch a yeti. when they find one the yeti runs into a campers pack.this may cause trouble!
The History Boys(2006)
An unruly class of gifted and charming teenage boys are taught by two eccentric and innovative teachers, as their headmaster pushes for them all to get accepted into Oxford or Cambridge.
The Boys From Brazil(1978)
A film in which an anti-Nazi advocate tries to save the world from newly cloned Hitlers.
Quote O' Matic
  • Santa Claus: "Well, when Voldar "accidentally" left us in the airlock and then came up here and "accidentally" threw the door switch, we knew we had to get out of there in a hurry or that would be the end of us. Eh, uh, "accidentally," of course."
  • Santa Claus Conquers The Martians