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A war epic directed by Terence Young and based on the Battle of Inchon during the Korean war, starring General Douglas MacArthur (played by legend Lawrence Oliver), Barbara Hallsworth (played by Jacqueline Bisset), and U.S. Major Frank Hallsworth (Ben Gazarra). The film starts in 1950, with a North...
Inside Moves(1980)
A man named Roary,so unhappy with life,decides to commit suicide,by jumping from a building.His attempt is unsuccessful,and he is left crippled up.After several months,in the hospital,Roary tries to start his life over again.He soon finds a sanctuary from his pain,at" Max's Bar"(frequented by other...
Village of the Damned(1995)
Director John Carpenter brings fear through the faces of the seemingly innocence of youth in this remake of the 1960 Wolf Rilla movie of the same name. In the small coastal village of Midwich, an unseen force invades the townspeople rendering them unconscious for over six hours which leaves ten wom...
I'll Take Manhattan(1987)
This TV mini-series is the tale of Maxi Amberville (Valerie Bertinelli) and her efforts to keep her father's magazine empire afloat against a variety of unfortunate circumstances.
Memories Of Me(1988)
A man named Abbie (Billy Crystal) was abandoned in his youth by his father Abe, who went to seek acting success in Hollywood. While on the mend from medical issues, Abbie pays a visit to his father, and the problems of the past come back. Only Abbie's girlfriend Lisa (JoBeth Williams) is able to pro...
Mission: Impossible III(2006)
Ethan Hunt is now out of IMF. He just wants to have a normal life. But he never will. When he's called back into the impossible. Know he faces the worst villian of all Owen Davian.
O'Niel (Sean Connery) is a lawman on Jupiter who comes across a drug-smuggling plot. He ends up being accused of criminal activity, and has to defend himself against dangerous odds.
Panic In The Skies!(1996)
When the cockpit crew of a Boeing 747 is killed by a lightning storm during take-off, the passengers take it upon themselves to ensure a safe flight.
Personal Best(1982)
Aspiring Olympian Chris Cahill (Mariel Hemingway) finds herself in 2 relationships: One with her coach Terry Tingloff (Scott Glenn) and the other with fellow athlete Tory Skinner (Patrice Donnelly). All the ups and downs on and off the field are featured in this sports tale.
Political consultant Pete St. John (Richard Gere) finds himself in trouble when simaltaneously helping out a campaign and figuring what ended his friend Senator Hastings' (E.G Marshall) time in office.
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