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Getting It On(1983)
The movie is a teen sex comedy about voyeurism.
This movie depicts Gandhi's (Ben Kingsley) life from his time as a lawyer through his non-violent yet government-changing action against the British.
Evil Spawn(1987)
Actress Lynn Roman (Bobbie Bresee) isn't getting any younger, so she experiments with a youth serum. When her career is still stalled, things get rather monstrous...
Fifteen and Pregnant(1998)
They say that the birth of a baby is a blessing, but what if that baby's mother is still just a baby herself? Tina Spangler is just an average teenage girl in her final year of junior high. Aside from school, soccer practice, the church choir, and of course, boys, nothing is as it seems with the r...
From the Earth to the Moon(1998)
This was a 12 part HBO miniseries about the history of NASA's Apollo program. It told the tale from a variety of different perspectives. Tom Hanks (one of the producers of the miniseries and, of course, also a star of "Apollo 13") introduced each episode.
Funny About Love(1990)
Everybody has a biological clock ticking away and one man's is about to go off. Famed political cartoonist Duffy Bergman has just found the love of his life in gourmet chef, Meg Lloyd. After they marry, they find that love isn't enough and want to take things to a new level as the couple try to ha...
Full Moon High(1981)
Adam Arkin,Alan Arkin,Ed McMahon,and Elizabeth Hartman star in this hilarious spoof of Werewolf pictures.Tony(Adam Arkin)is a popular teenage football player,who goes on a trip with his crazy,right wing, father(Mcmahon),and gets bitten by a werewolf;total chaos,and hilarity ensues.Co starring JM Bul...
Hero and the Terror(1988)
Danny O'Brien (Chuck Norris) is back in action fighting the notorious Simon Moon, also known as The Terror. Three years earlier O'Brien had single-handedly captured The Terror and was called Hero by the people of L.A. Now Simon has escaped and has started killing women again, and O'Brien is the only...
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers(1988)
This tongue-in-cheek horror movie is about a private detective who starts out looking for a runaway girl and ends up in the middle of a cult of good-looking, but very violent, hookers.
Johnny Got His Gun(1971)
A solider named Joe Bonham is hit by a artillery shell on the last day of WWI and is whiped out of his senses except to think and feel and has his arms and legs cut off from the injuries and must decide whether to remain bed ridden for the rest of his life,or decide to pull the plug on his own life....
Quote O' Matic
  • Mitchell Goosen: Popeye, now there was a great man. Do you know why?
    Wiley: He never joined the Hairclub For Men?
    [buzzer sound]
    Mitchell Goosen: Wrong. Because his motto was: I am what I am. Do you think Popeye ever worried about what he wore just so he could get Olive Oil in the sack? I shou...
  • Airborne