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The Billion Dollar Hobo(1977)
A loser must become a hobo,in order to inherit his uncle's fortune.Starring Tim Conway and Will Geer.
The Plot To Kill Hitler(1990)
Several SS officers tried to kill Adolf Hitler in an attempt to retake the government. This movie details their attempt and the ultimate results of it.
To Kill A Clown(1972)
A crazy Vietnam veteran terrorizes a young hippie couple living on a secluded beach.
Wanted:The Sundance Woman(1976)
In this sequel to"Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid",Etta Place goes to Mexico,and runs guns for Pancho Villa.Starring Katherine Ross and Hector Elizondo
Switched at Birth(1991)
In 1978, two baby girls were born a few days apart from each other in a Wauchula, Florida hospital. Kimberly was sent home with her parents, Robert and Barbara Mays while Arlena -- who had a serious heart defect -- went with Ernest and Regina Twigg. Years later, Arlena's health deteriorates and he...
A public defender represents a deaf,mute,homeless,veteran, accused of murdering a justice clerk.The defender gets help,albeit illegally,from a lobbyist juror.Starring Cher,Dennis Quaid,and Liam Neeson.
Second Sight(1989)
A detective hires a psychic to help find a kidnapped woman.Starring John Larroquette and Bronson Pinchot.
Skatetown USA(1979)
This movie is basically a slice-of-life film with a variety of people hanging out at a roller rink, getting in and out trouble and, of course, skating around. The soundtrack featured popular artists of the day including Dave Mason, Earth, Wind And Fire, and The Jacksons.
In a post-apocolyptic world,a hustler,and an android,are pursued by 2 law enforcement officers.Starring Bill Paxton,Mark Hamill,and Kitty Aldridge.
Stewardess School(1986)
A group of misfits join a school to become flight attendants.Starring Brett Cullen,Donald Most,Judy Landers,Sandahl Bergman,and Wendie Jo Sperber.
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