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Funny About Love(1990)
Everybody has a biological clock ticking away and one man's is about to go off. Famed political cartoonist Duffy Bergman has just found the love of his life in gourmet chef, Meg Lloyd. After they marry, they find that love isn't enough and want to take things to a new level as the couple try to ha...
Evil Spawn(1987)
Actress Lynn Roman (Bobbie Bresee) isn't getting any younger, so she experiments with a youth serum. When her career is still stalled, things get rather monstrous...
Everyone Says I Love You(1996)
Writer-director Woody Allen brings romance and comedy together in his first movie musical that celebrates love for one extended family with classic love songs and hilarious production number making perfect (and sometimes not so perfect) harmony. We see Joe, a writer living in Paris returning to New...
Death Row Diner(1988)
A man accused of criminal activity is sent to the electric chair without getting a last meal. Now he's back from the dead and hungry for more than food...
Death Spa(1988)
Michael's health club is beseiged with a series of terrible murders involving killer saunas and other grisly devices. Michael's wife killed herself a while before and her brother holds Michael responsible. Michael needs to stop the bloodshed before he loses all of his clients.
Shark: Rosso nell'oceano(1984)
An unknown octopus like lifeform is attacking people in the ocean around a small Florida town. It's up to a team of biologists, scientist and local law enforcement try to destroy the creature but they discover that there is just as big of threat on land with the local corporation having close ties t...
Educating Rita(1983)
A boozing professor named Frank Bryant (Michael Caine) teaches at a London university. A housewife named Rita Susan White (Julie Walters) returns to school at the age of 30. The two of them meeting, leading to both high education and high friction in their personal relationships.
Dreaming of Paradise(1987)
Strit og Stumme (Dreaming of Paradise) is a Danish cartoon from 1987 with instruction by Jannik Hastrup and screenplay by Jannik Hastrup and Bent Haller, after the latter's book Blåfolket (The Blue people). The movie takes place In future where people leverage in the subsurface because of...
The Halloween That Almost Wasn't(1979)
Halloween is in danger of ending forever because the witch refuses to fly her broom over the moon at midnight on Halloween night. Dracula and his monsters must do what they can to convince the witch to fly over the moon and to save Halloween from being no more. Re-named in VHS releases as "The Night...
The Deep(1977)
A pair of young vacationers are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a way into a deadly wreck in Bermuda waters...
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  • Japanese Luffy: (Imitating Sanji, Luffy pretends to smoke)
    Luffy:(Puff) Who the hell ate all the meat?
    -Japanese Luffy
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