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Outside Providence(1999)
Set in 1974 Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Tim Dunphy is a teenage slacker and stoner who is part of a dysfunctional lower-class family which includes his widowed, ill-tempered, bigoted father, his wheelchair-bound younger brother Jackie and their one-eyed, three-legged dog. After Tim and his stoner frien...
Dark Blue(2002)
A robbery homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt LAPD officer to question his tactics.
Def By Temptation(1990)
An evil succubus is preying on libidinous black men in New York, and all that stands in her way is a minister-in-training, an aspiring actor, and a cop that specializes in cases involving the supernatural.
Sea of Love(1989)
Detective Frank Keller (Al Pacino) is tracking down a murderer who finds their victims through the singles ads. In the midst of working on the case, he falls in love with a woman named Helen Cruger (Ellen Barkin), who, little does he know, is one of the prime suspects in this case.
The Right Stuff(1983)
This movie is the tale of the Mercury 7 Astronauts, from training to take-off and all the drama in-between.
The Mission(1986)
Jeremy Irons plays a Spanish Jesuit who goes into the South American wilderness to build a mission in the hope of converting the Indians of the region. Robert DeNiro plays a slave hunter who is converted and joins Irons in his mission. When Spain sells the colony to Portugal, they are forced to defe...
The Omega Man(1971)
Based on a novel I AM LEGEND by Ricird Matheson and a remake to THE LAST MAN ON EARTH. The last man on earth is not alone. From "the family."
Pumping Iron(1977)
Arnold vying for his 6th Mr. Olympia championship goes through his training sequence. We also see his competitors train. We also see Arnold interacting with his competitors such as Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk). Arnold shows confidence as he enters the competion. Will he win his 6th championshi...
Quote O' Matic
  • (upon returning to the playroom)
    Max: Hey, Emmy, we never ate our granola bars.
    Emmy (putting their detective kit away): Oh, yeah! Mommy said we could each have a granola bar for a snack.
    (notices one bar is missing)
    Emmy: Hey! What happened to the other granola bar? (grabs magnifying glass and...
  • Dragon Tales