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A college professor(Dennis Quaid),who is dying from poisoning,races against the clock to figure out who poisoned him and why.
King of Kings(1961)
Epic retelling of the life of Jesus Christ(Jeffrey Hunter).
Odd Jobs(1986)
Five college friends(Paul Reiser,Robert Townsend) start their own moving company,much to the chagrin of their mafia owned competition.
A yuppie couple(John Larroquette and Kirstie Alley) have their house,and lives, turned upside down by unwanted houseguests.
The Crew(2000)
Four senior citizen mobsters(Burt Reynolds,Richard Dreyfus,Dan Hedaya,and Seymour Cassel)band together to keep their retirement condo from being sold.
The Replacements(2000)
When a pro football team goes on strike a coach(Gene Hackman)hires a washed up football hero(Keanu Reeves)to be a replacement quarterback.
Middle Age Crazy(1980)
A married man(Bruce Dern),having a midlife crisis, buys a Porsche and begins having an affair with a younger woman.
After an engineer(Michael Keaton)gets laid off, he takes over household duties while his wife(Teri Garr) goes back to work.
Frankenstein Created Woman(1967)
Dr.Frankenstein(Peter Cushing) puts the soul of an angry young man in the body of a beautified young woman(Susan Denberg).
I Do & I Don't(2007)
A screwball comedy about a young couple that must endure pre-marital counseling and the horrific married couple they are assigned to.
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