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Fist of Legend(1994)
Fist of Legend is a martial arts film starring Jet Li with action choreographed by Yuen Woo-Ping (Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon, The Matrix). It was released in 1994. The movie is a remake of the 1973 movie "Fist of Fury" starring Bruce Lee. Fist of Legend is directed by Gordon Chan.
I Like To Hurt People(1985)
A documentary film about the 1970s wrestling scene in Detroit,Michigan.Featuring such wrestling legends as"The Sheik","Dusty Rhodes","Bobo Brazil","Andre The Giant","Abdullah The Butcher","Dick The Bruiser","Terry and Dory Funk",and"Ox Baker".
Jimmy The Kid(1982)
A gang of bumbling crooks,kidnap a bratty kid,who becomes a big pain.Starring Gary Coleman,Paul Le Mat,Dee Wallace,and Don Adams.
Loose Shoes(1980)
Not really a movie,but a collection of satirical movie trailers,and skits.Shot in 1977,but released in 1980,to capital on Bill Murray's popularity.Starring Bill Murray,Howard Hesseman,and Buddy Hackett.
Lucky Stiff(1988)
An overweight loser finds love with a beautiful woman.She invites him to have Christmas dinner with her family.There's just one problem,her family are cannibals,and he is to be the main course.Starring Donna Dixon and Joe Alaskey.
Hot Moves(1984)
Four California teenagers make a pact, to lose their virginity before their senior year.Starring Michael Zorek and Jill Schoelen.
Hollywood Hot Tubs(1984)
In order to keep from going to jail,for vandalism,a teen take a job at his uncle's hot tub repair business.Starring Edy Williams,Mark Costello,and Paul Gunning.
Fort Apache The Bronx(1981)
2 police officers try to maintain law and order,in a decaying New York neighborhood.Starring Paul Newman,Ken Wahl,and Ed Asner.
A group of teenagers,working at a Jewish summer camp;party,have sex,and create chaos.Starring Michael Lembeck,Dennis Quaid,Fran Drescher,and Rosanna Arquette.
Going Berserk(1983)
A chauffer faces a great deal of obstacles,and crazy situations,trying to marry a senator's daughter.Starring John Candy,Joe Flaherty,and Eugene Levy.
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