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Rita Sue and Bob Too(1987)
Two British teenagers(Siobhan Finneran and Michelle Holmes),who live in council housing,have an affair with a wealthier married man(George Costigan).
Get Smart Again(1989)
1989 made for tv reunion film reunites much of the cast of"Get Smart".Maxwell Smart(Don Adams)is called back into action to take on a resurfacing KAOS.
The Invasion(2007)
A strange flu like virus begins to turn humanity into beings devoid of emotions.Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig star in this remake of"The Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
I Dream Of Jeannie 15 Years Latter(1985)
1985 made for television reunion movie that featured most of the original cast,except Larry Hagman who was replaced by Wayne Rogers.
The Thing(2011)
A group of Norwegian and American scientist,stationed in Antarctica, discover a strange organism buried in the ice.This film is a prequel to the 1982 film.
A deranged Ophiologist(Strother Martin)has developed a formula to turn humans into cobras.The doctor begins using the formula on his young assistant(Dirk Benedict)who slowly begins morphing into a snake.
Love and Death on Long Island(1997)
A stuffy,middle aged,British intellectual(John Hurt)becomes obsessed with an American teenage heartthrob(Jason Priestly).
Mama's Boy(2007)
A twenty-nine year-old slacker who lives with his mom realizes his sweet set-up is threatened when she hears wedding bells with her self-help guru beau.
Fool's Gold(2008)
A new clue to the whereabouts of a lost treasure rekindles a married couple's sense of adventure -- and their estranged romance.
The Hearse(1980)
A woman(Trish Van Devere) begins to experiece strange things after moving into her late aunt's house.
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  • Tommy: You know, with all that makeup and stuff, I actually thought you were SMART for a second.

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