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Problem Child 3: Junior in Love(1995)
1995 Made for tv movie sequel in which Junior(Justin Chapman) falls in love for the first time.William Katt,Jack Warden,and Gilbert Gottfried co-star.
The Christmas Dinosaur(2004)
An animated Christmas story about an 8-year-old boy Jason Barnes who is a dinosaur freak. He receives a petrified dinosaur egg for Christmas and amzingly a real live Pterosaur pops out! He names his new friend Spot. Jason and his brother Tommy first hide the baby dinosaur in their bedroom but it gro...
Emperor of The North(1973)
An aging Hobo(Lee Marvin) and his cocky, young,rival(Keith Carradine) try to ride the train of a sadistic conductor(Ernest Borgnine)
The Last of Robin Hood(2013)
2013 film chronicling the last days of Errol Flynn(Kevin Kline)and his affair with 15 year old Beverly Aadland(Dakota Fanning).
Slapstick of Another Kind(1982)
A rich,beautiful couple(Jerry Lewis and Madeline Kahn)give birth to deformed alien twins(Jerry Lewis and Madeline Kahn)that are extremely intelligent.
The Nun's Story(1959)
A young woman(Audrey Hepburn) leaves her upper class existence to become a nun.After becoming a Nun the woman begins to struggle with her devotion,the sanctity of her vows,disappointment,and the dark realities she faces during WWII.
How to Steal a Million(1966)
A thief(Peter O'Toole)must help the daughter(Audrey Hepburn) of an art forger steal a fake statue from a Paris Musuem.
Two for the Road(1967)
While traveling to France,a long married couple(Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney)reminisce about their relationship.
He Knows Your Alone(1980)
A young woman(Caitlin O'Heaney),soon to be married,is stalked by a killer.This film Co-stars 2 time Oscar winner Tom Hanks in his film debut.
The Ratings Game(1984)
1984 made for Showtime comedy film about a scheming trucking magnate(Danny Devito)that manipulates the Nielsen ratings system to become a successful television Producer.
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