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A crazy Vietnam veteran(James Brolin) hijacks an airplane and forces the captain(Charlton Heston)to fly the plane to the Soviet Union.
99 and 44/100% Dead(1974)
A mobster named Uncle Frank Kelly(Edmond O'Brien) hires a hitman named Harry Crown(Richard Harris) to aide in a gang war.The rival gang kidnaps Harry's lover Buffy(Ann Turkel)and things get extremely heated.
The Mother(2003)
Problems arise when a 60 something woman(Anne Reid)begins having an affair with her daughter's 30 something boyfriend(Daniel Craig)
A mysterious woman(Juliette Binoche)and her daughter set up a chocolaterie in a small French village.The once traditional villagers soon becomes more passionate and free spirited much to the chagrin of the conservative town mayor(Alfred Molina).The film co stars Johnny Depp and Dame Judi Dench.
Butterflies are Free(1972)
A young blind man(Edward Albert)falls in love with his hippie neighbor(Goldie Hawn)much to the chagrin of the man's controlling mother(Eileen Heckart).
The Wrestler(2008)
An aging pro wrestler named Randy"The Ram" Robinson(Mickey Rourke), forced into retirement by a heart attack ,finds life outside the ring difficult. He tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter(Evan Rachel Wood).He pursues a relationship with an aging stripper(Marissa Tomei).He even tries worki...
Cancel My Reservation(1972)
A stressed out talk show host(Bob Hope)takes a vacation in Arizona and soon finds himself a murder suspect.This film was Bob Hope's final role as a leading man.
Going Undercover(1988)
a wealthy woman(Jean Simmons)hires a clumsy private investigator(Chris Lemmon)to keep an eye on her stepdaughter(Lea Thompson) vacationing in Denmark.
Reefer Madness(2005)
Kristin Bell and Christian Campbell star in this musical remake of the 1936 explotation film.
How to Frame a Figg(1971)
A clumsy bookkeeper(Don Knotts)suspects that a City Commissoner has been embezzling money from public funds.
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