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Z Channel:A Magnificent Obsession(2004)
Xan Cassavettes directed documentary about the fondly remembered Los Angeles based premium movie network"The Z Channel"
St. Ives(1976)
Abner Procane, top L.A. burglar, finds that somebody stole his plans for next ambitious heist. He hires Raymond St. Ives, crime books writer, to negotiate the return of those documents.
The sons(Humphrey Bogart and William Holden)of a wealthy business magnate find themselves captivated by their chauffer's beautiful daughter(Audrey Hepburn).
I Never Sang For My Father(1970)
A middle aged college professor(Gene Hackman)struggles to gain love and acceptance from his bitter, aging father(Melvyn Douglas).
Two of a Kind(1982)
A young man with special needs(Robby Benson)tries to rehabilitate his grandfather(George Burns)who is deteriorating in a nursing home.
Goodbye Pork Pie(1981)
Two New Zealand losers(Tony Barry Kelly Johnson),in a stolen yellow Mini,lead the police on a wild chase.
Curse of the Queerwolf(1988)
A man(Michael Palazzolo) is bitten on his buttocks by a transvestite and as result transform into a transvestite every full moon.
The Trouble with Dick(1987)
Sci-fi comedy in which a young science fiction writer(Tom Villard)suffers from writers block while his personal life thrives.
Every Home Should Have One(1970)
An advertising man(Marty Feldman)tries to use sexy images to sell a type of frozen porridge.
Middle of the Night(1959)
A widowed 56 year old garment manufacturer(Fredric March) and a divorced 24 year old secretary(Kim Novak) fall in love despite their age differences.
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    -Brad and Jill
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