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Reel Evil(2012)
Struggling filmmakers - Kennedy, Cory and James - finally catch the break they were looking for when they are hired to shoot a 'behind-the-scenes' documentary for a major studio production. But their dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when they explore the legendary, haunted location and find...
PMS Cop(2014)
PMS COP is the story of Mary, a police officer, who after being caught on television beating a rapist, is forced into an evil Pharmaceutical Company's drug trial for a PMS inhibitor known as Corybantic. After a tragic event Mary suffers a horrific side effect, and with her new found superhuman stren...
Ooga Booga(2013)
Ooga Booga follows an innocent African American law student who is brutally murdered by dirty cops, but his soul is magically transferred into an action figure named Ooga Booga. With on his tribal spear and old girlfriend to help he takes to the streets and trailer parks to find the men that ended h...
Gimme Shelter(2013)
16-year-old Agnes "Apple" Bailey has never had a normal life. After being shuffled from one foster home to another and the constant abuse from her drug-addicted mother, Apple flees from her in search of the father she never knew. When she finally finds him -- a New York stock broker with a wife and...
The Place Beyond the Pines(2013)
Luke Glanton is a motorcycle stunt rider passing through town and then turns to bank robbery to provide for his lover and their baby boy. Avery Cross is an ambitious police officer looking to move up in the department...even if it means taking down corruption within the police force. When the two me...
Blue Valentine(2010)
Dean and Cindy live the quiet life in a modest neighbourhood. To the casual observer (and through flashbacks of their courtship several years earlier), everything seems normal, but upon closer examination, the couple is spiraling downward as their marriage slowly crumbles and neither husband nor wif...
A Night in Heaven(1983)
The Florida heat is about to get hotter when community-college professor Faye Hanlon is gets a lesson she herself will never forget...especially when she's stuck with an emotionally depressed husband and a lot of sexual frustration. But when her visiting sister takes her on a girls' night out to a s...
A British diplomat to a West Indian island nation finds his idyllic existence thrown into chaos when a large American drilling company finds a huge source of natural mineral water there.
Nobody's Fool(1986)
Cassie has a miserable job in a bar, is lonely and depressed. Her boyfriend left her when she told him that she's pregnant. After several failed suicide attempts she'd given away her baby for adoption - and regrets it now. When a theater group from L.A. comes to the small town Buckeye, she meets sta...
The Kid Stays In The Picture(2002)
The Kid Stays in the Picture is both the name of the 1994 autobiography by film producer Robert Evans and the title of the 2002 film adaptation of Evans' book. The title comes from a line attributed to studio head Darryl F. Zanuck, who was defending Evans after some of the actors involved in the fi...
Quote O' Matic
  • Luanne: You know what I'll never forget, was when Uncle Hank was naked --
    Peggy: That never happened.
    Luanne: But the wind blew all his clothes off.
    Hank: Not my underwear.
    Luanne: Yes, it did!
    Hank: Not my underwear.
    Peggy: Not his underwear.

  • King of the Hill