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Dazed and Confused(1993)
It's the last day of school at a high school in a small town in Texas in 1976. The upperclassmen are hazing the incoming freshmen, and everyone is trying to get stoned, drunk, or laid, even the football players that signed a pledge not to. The film launched several prominent film careers including,...
Black Christmas(1974)
(AKA: Silent Night, Evil Night & Stranger in the House) Bob Clark how would later direct "A Christmas Story" the firt two "Porky's" movies & "Sherlock Holmes: Murder by Decree". Directs this horror/thriller, which stars Margot Kidder (in one of her first roles) and Olivia Hussey. The storyl...
asDirector[s], Steven Spielberg ("E.T." and "Saving Private Ryan") and Tobe Hooper ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Salem's Lot") team up to bring us one of the most well made and frightening ghost stories of all time! JoBeth Williams, and Craig T. Nelson (lead star of the 80s T.V. sitcom, "Coac...
The Shadow(1994)
The Shadow is a legendary superhero, who because of his unique past, knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. In his newest adventure, he faces his most ruthless enemy Shiwan Khan, a barbarian planning to destroy the city with an atomic bomb.
Gulliver's Travels(1996)
The adventure of a man named Gulliver who tells the story of how he got back home after a long adventure. He talks about all different forms of governments and cultures he experiences on his journey, and how it made him wonder about his own humanity and way of life.
Tourist Trap(1979)
Directed by David Schmoeller (the creator who brought you the original "Puppet Master"), "Tourist Trap" stars Chuck Connors ("Soylent Green") and Tanya Roberts ("Charlie's Angels" T.V. series). The plot concerns a group of youths who decide to take a summer afternoon drive, only to find themselves s...
Taxi Driver(1976)
Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is an ex-Marine lost and adrift in 1970's Manhatta when he finds a job driving a taxi through the hellish streets of the city. One night he encounters a young prostitute (Jodie Foster) and a phoney politician and his life shifts into a new direction. He wants to save t...
Apocalypse Now(1979)
Loosely based Joesph Conrad's story "Heart of Darkness",this modern-day epic set during the Vietnam war tells the story of a solider sent on a mission to kill an insane and power hungry officer.
200 Motels(1971)
Rambling, non-narrative self-indulgent video album by and about Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, as they document a long and especially grueling road tour.
Rain Man(1988)
Rain Man is a 1988 American drama film directed by Barry Levinson and written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass. It tells the story of an abrasive and selfish yuppie, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise), who discovers that his estranged father has died and bequeathed all of his multimillion-dollar estate to...
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