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Harry and the Hendersons(1987)
While on a family trip the Henderson's hit a "bigfoot" with their Station Wagon. The creature appears to be dead so George (John Lithgow) ties the thing to the car roof. What the Hendersons don't know is that the creature they call "Harry" (Kevin Peter Hall) is not quite dead. A series of events hap...
Mike is being watched over by his older brother Jody. Everywhere Jody goes, mike follows. Jody has little choice in the matter with their parents dead. Then there's Reggie, a musician on the side Ice Cream vendor. When Mike follows Jody one too many times he discovers that their is something extr...
Heaven Can Wait(1978)
Joe Pendelton, played by Warren Beatty, is a quarterback for the L.A. Rams until he is in a car accident and is almost killed. An over-anxious angle takes him to heaven only to find out it wasn't his time to die. Pendelton's body is cremated though so he must find a new body on earth. He ends up...
The Peanut Butter Solution(1985)
Peanut butter is the secret ingredient for magic potions made by two 'friendly' ghosts. Eleven-year-old Michael looses all of his hair when he gets a 'fright' and uses the potion to get his hair back, but too much peanut butter causes things to get a bit 'hairy'.
Rocky III(1982)
Boxer Rocky Balboa enjoys the wealth he has as world-champion. He only fights against easy opponents. Then he is challenged by the arrogant Clubber Lang. Rocky accepts the challenge to proove once more that there is only one world-champion. But Lang wins and becomes the new champion. Nobody believes...
Kurt Sloane (Van Damme) accompanies his brother Eric Sloane to Thailand for a Muay Thai fight versus their champion, Tong Po. Eric is not ready for what this guy has in store for him and against his brother's wishes fights him. He is paralyzed from the fight and Van Damme swears for revenge of hi...
To Live and Die in L.A.(1985)
Rick/Eric Masters is a murderous counterfeitor. Federal Agent Richard Chance has been tracking him for quite a while now. When Masters murders Chance's partner, Richard will stop at nothing to get revenge. This movie is probably most notable for a violent twist ending that shocked audiences and the...
Jaws 2(1978)
4 years after the 1st shark attack, police chief Martin Broady suspects that another man eater has strolled into Amity after a young girl dissapears and a boat mysteriously exploads! But can he convince the mayor it wasn't an accident before more people die?
Rock 'n' Roll High School(1979)
A perky young "Rock n' Roller" whose rebellous additude is causing her and her friends to get in trouble at school with their mean principal, recruit the famous rock group, The Ramones, to turn the school upside-down!
Rock & Rule(1983)
The war was over....the only survivors were street animals. Dogs, cats, and rats....from them a new race of mutants evolved. That was a long time ago. Mok, a legendary superrocker, has retired to Ohmtown. There his computers work at deciphering an ancient code that could open the door from her...
Quote O' Matic
  • Randal Graves: Fine, just let me borrow your car.
    Dante Hicks: Why should I loan you my car?
    Randal Graves: I wanna rent a movie.
    Dante Hicks: You wanna rent a movie?
    Randal Graves: I wanna rent a movie!
    Randal Graves: What's that for?
    Dante Hicks: You work in a video store!
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