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GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords(1986)
Guradian GoBots join the Rock Lords' battle for control of the ultimate super weapon. And they'd better hurry, because the Guardian GoBots' all-time worst enemies, the Renegades, are out to use the super weapon for their own evil purposes. GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords was an animated movie ba...
Dish Dogs(2000)
Fast-talking, fast-thinking, fast-living — oh to be a career dishwasher, without a care in the world other than getting the grime and grease off other peoples' dinner plates. Morgan (Sean Astin) and Jason (Matthew Lillard) have found the Zen in their chosen profession as itinerant dishwashers, scru...
Animal Room(1995)
A high school student enters a new, highly controversial drug treatment program, with violent results.
The Whiz Kid And The Carnival Caper(1976)
Daffy Fernald loses her brother's toy rocket when it flies into a storm drain. She knows Alvin will be upset if he finds out, so she climbs into the dark tunnel to search for it. She spots a stranger, Ernie Nelson, and sees that he's carying a gun. She races home and tells Alvin, but the would-be in...
The Black Hole(1979)
For five years the crew of the PALOMINO has ranged through deep space, searching for evidence of alien life--with no result. Then, their mission almost at an end, they discover a giant collapsar--the largest black hole ever encountered--and, drifting perilously near it, is the long-lost legendary st...
The Barefoot Executive(1971)
In the wacky world of TV, an ambitious mailroom boy, Steven Post, at the United Broadcasting Company (UBC), discovers a chimpanzee being taken care of by his girlfriend, Jennifer has an amazing talent. Unerringly , the chimp can pick programs that will become hits. So Steven secretly uses the chimp...
Justin Morgan Had a Horse(1972)
Shortly after the Revolutionary War, Justin Morgan aquires a colt and decides to devote his time to developing its talents. He loses the horse to an unscrupulous businessman and tries to find a way to get him back.
Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo(1977)
Driver Jim Douglas, mechanic Wheeley Applegate, and Herbie, the magical little Volkswagon, enters a spectacular road race from Paris to Monte Carlo. One of the competing cars is a beautiful powder blue Lancia named Giselle. For Herbie it is love at first sight. Jim falls for the Larcia's pretty driv...
Alien: Resurrection(1997)
200 years after Ellen Ripley died on Fiorina 161, Ripley is cloned in a spacelab by a scientist who is trying to obtain the alien queen embryo that was growing inside her so he can breed the alien species back to life. Since Ripley has some of the alien DNA mixed in with hers, she has super strength...
A high-energy action adventure based on legend rather than historical fact finds Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) desiring to retire from law enforcement. With brothers Virgil (Sam Elliot) and Morgan (Bill Paxton), he arrives in Tombstone, Arizona intending to build his fortune. He discovers that long-time...
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  • Chandler: Say I-I-I-I-I-I-I want the knife.
    Old Man: Let him ask again.
    Chandler: IIIIII want the knife. Pleaseeee.
  • The Golden Child