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Angels in the Outfield(1951)
Angels help an abrasive baseball manager(Paul Douglas),and his losing team,to start winning games.
Dear Heart(1964)
A lonely middle aged postmaster(Geraldine Page)falls in love with an engaged middle aged greeting card salesman(Glenn Ford) at a business convention in New York.
Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine(1965)
A mad scientist(Vincent Price)invents an army of bikini clad female robots to con wealthy men into signing away their assets.
Pokemon: Arceus & the Jewel of Life(2009)
The twelfth Pokemon movie. This film is the third and final part of a trilogy along with the previous two films. After Dialga & Palkia disturbed the space-time continuum Giratina had to come out and calm them. Now the action shifts to Michina Town, a small town who idolize the Godly Pokemon Arceus....
Pokemon: Giratina & the Sky Warrior(2008)
The eleventh Pokemon movie. In the Reverse World, a word parallel to that of our own, lives the Pokemon Giratina, its sole inhabitant. After the warriors of space & time Dialga & Palkia engage in a fight which enrages Giratina, the only one sough to stop it is Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokemon. Failing...
Pokemon :The Rise of Darkrai(2007)
The tenth Pokemon movie and the first one of the Diamond & Pearl Saga. Ash and his friends are on their way to a Pokemon Contest in Alamos town when they come across Time-Space Tower. They find that something is giving both children and Pokemon horrible nightmares. Only the trainer Baron Alberto see...
Born Losers(1967)
The film that introduced Tom Laughlin's iconic character"Billy Jack".Billy Jack(Tom Laughlin)a half breed Vietnam Vet goes after a motorcycle gang who have kidnapped a young woman(Elizabeth James).
The Mind of Mr.Soames(1970)
A 30 year old man(Terrance Stamp),who has been in a coma since birth,awakens to find himself a child in an adult world.
A doctor(Rock Hudson)develops a process to grow an embryo in an artificial uterus.He uses the process to grow a woman(Barbara Carrera)not knowing the deadly consequences of his creation.
A young woman(Marilyn Chambers),after having plastic surgery,develops a taste for human blood.The woman begins attacking people,draining their blood,and turning them into cannibalistic zombies.
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