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Class Cruise(1989)
A group of elite students(Brooke Theiss,Andrea Elson) encounter a group of unruly students(Billy Warlock,Michael Deluise) on an ocean voyage.Despite their class differences the students begin to fall in love.
Scared Shrekless(2010)
A half-hour Halloween special set after "Shrek Forever After" that aired on NBC in 2010. It is Halloween night, and Shrek's family is celebrating by scaring trick-or-treaters. Inside their house, Donkey, Puss, Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, and Gingy fail to scare the ogres, and Shr...
Tom and Jerry: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(2017)
Another Tom and Jerry movie remake. Based on a book by Roald Dahl and based on the 2005 Tim Burton movie. A story is about the little boy named Charlie Bucket.
Dragon Ball: Evolution(2009)
The first live-action Dragon Ball movie released in the US starts with 18 year old Goku and his allies on a quest to find the 7 magic dragonballs before the evil Piccolo gets them for his plans to conquer Earth since awakened for thousands of years.
Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might(1990)
Released in Japan in 1990 by Toei Animation and first dubbed in ENG in 1998 by Pioneer,then re-dubbed in 2006 by FUNimation. A Saiyan named Turles plots to turn the Earth into a desert by planting the tree of might leaving it to dry growing its fruit for him and his henchmen. Only Goku, Gohan, Picco...
Little Fauss and Big Halsy(1970)
A banned motorcycle racer (Michael J. Pollard) becomes mechanic for a selfish braggart (Robert Redford) who races under his name.
Shame of the Jungle(1975)
The film takes place in the deepest part of Africa - "Bush Country". The evil, bald, and multi-breasted Queen Bazonga, who resides in a blimp, inside a cave shaped like a women's legs spread open revealing her vagina, plans to conquer the earth. Before she can do that, however, she wishes to have a...
G.I. Blues(1960)
Tulsa is a specialist in the US Army stationed in Germany. He loves to sing and has dreams to run his own nightclub when he leaves the army....but dreams don't come cheap. Tulsa places a bet with his friend Dynamite that he can spend the night with a club dancer named Lili, who is rumored to be hard...
Don't Give Up the Ship(1959)
John Paul Steckler was the Junior Officer aboard a destroyer when WWII ended. He gets stuck with the job of sailing the ship to the states to be decommissioned. Now years latter, no one knows where the ship is. He has a choice. Find the ship, or pay for it, Now! If only Prudence, to whom he just got...
Really Weird Tales(1987)
Canadian anthology featuring three odd and strange tales that each teach a different lesson.
Quote O' Matic
  • Megavolt: They called me crazy…they called me insane…THEY CALLED ME LOONEY!! and boy, were they right.
  • Darkwing Duck