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The Backlot Murders(2002)
A rock band, on the brink of success, arrives at a movie studio to produce their first music video. Somebody doesn't have much respect for their talent, and starts bumping off members of the band, their groupie girlfriends, and the crew.
Agent John Sato, leader of an assault team of LAPD, is considered responsible for the death of a colleague that took place in the course of action. Expelled from the force and disgraced, John enters the employ of the gangster Tony Leggio.
In 2010 three heroes battle to survive in a city which is being controlled by an evil gang.
Mugsy's Girls(1985)
About to lose their house, a sorority heads to Las Vegas to compete in a mud wrestling contest.Starring Ruth Gordon(Her final role)and 80's pop star Laura Branigan.
Frankenstein Conquers the World(1965)
The heart from the scientist's experiment gets exposed to the nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and mutates into the giant humanoid monster, Frankenstein! Meanwhile, another giant monster is running rampant, Baragon! It is a duel of the monsters in this sister production to KING KONG VS. GODZILLA
A Streetcar Named Desire(1951)
A neurotic,Southern Belle (Vivian Leigh) finds herself being tormented by her sister's(Kim Hunter)brutish husband(Marlon Brando).
Inspector Clouseau(1968)
The Prime Minister brings in bumbling,Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Alan Arkin) to help Scotland Yard with their investigation of a crime wave.
What's New Pussycat(1965)
A playboy who refuses to give up his hedonistic lifestyle to settle down and marry his true love seeks help from a demented psychoanalyst who is having romantic problems of his own.
After The Fox(1966)
Peter Sellers plays Aldo Vanucci (aka the Fox), one of the greatest criminals of the world, and master of disguise. After Aldo escapes from the Italian prison he was held in, he meets again with his friends, and plans to retrieve the "gold of Cairo" a large shipment of gold, that waits to be unloade...
The Wild One(1953)
The leader(Marlon Brando) of a group of outlaw bikers falls in love with the daughter(Mary Murphy)of a small town sheriff.
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