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The Mind of Mr.Soames(1970)
A 30 year old man(Terrance Stamp),who has been in a coma since birth,awakens to find himself a child in an adult world.
A doctor(Rock Hudson)develops a process to grow an embryo in an artificial uterus.He uses the process to grow a woman(Barbara Carrera)not knowing the deadly consequences of his creation.
A young woman(Marilyn Chambers),after having plastic surgery,develops a taste for human blood.The woman begins attacking people,draining their blood,and turning them into cannibalistic zombies.
He's My Girl(1987)
To help his friend(David Hallyday),win a music contest, a man(T.K. Carter) dresses in drag and pretends to be his friend's girl.
A tomboyish teenager(Sandra Dee) learns to be a surfer,despite being teased by the male surfers,and falls in love with a young surfer named Moondoggie(James Darren).
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini(1966)
The seventh and final AIP "Beach Party" movie features Boris Karloff and Basil Rathbone as two rivals fighting for control of an old mansion.Tommy Kirk and Deborah Walley replace Frankie and Annette in the lead roles.
How To Stuff a Wild Bikini(1965)
While Frankie(Frankie Avalon)is away, serving in the navy,Dee Dee(Annette Funicello)falls in love with an advertising exec(Dwayne Hickman).The sixth entry in the AIP "Beach Party" film series,and the last to feature Frankie and Annette.
Pajama Party(1964)
An teen alien(Tommy Kirk)comes to earth to prepare for an invasion but instead falls for a teenaged human(Annette Funicello).Unofficially the fourth AIP "Beach Party" film.
Bikini Beach(1964)
When a millionaire(Kennan Wynn) tries to build a retirement community on the beach,Frankie(Frankie Avalon),Dee Dee(Annette Funicello),and their friends, fight back.Third entry in the AIP "Beach Party" series.
Muscle Beach Party(1964)
Frankie(Frankie Avalon)and Dee Dee(Annette Funicello) find that their favorite surfing area has been taken over by a bunch of bodybuilders and a cantankerous trainer(Don Rickles).The second of the AIP "Beach Party" films.
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  • Billy: Cherry, this is Pee Wee.
    Cherry Forever: I'll say. What do you use for a jockstrap, kid? A peanut shell and a rubber band?
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