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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(2016)
This prequel to the very first "Star Wars" tells the thrilling story of how a ragtag band of freedom fighters - including a former soldier-turned-prisoner, a Rebel Alliance insider, an intensely spiritual believer in the Force, and a sentient robot - worked together to steal the Death Star's secret...
Wolf Children(2012)
Hana marries a wolf man and raises their two children alone after he dies. They move to the countryside and the children have adventures in the woods and at school.
The Park Is Mine(1985)
A Vietnam vet takes forceful control of Central Park to remember those who served and died in the Vietnam War.
Report To The Commissioner(1975)
Police officer Patty Butler, alias "Chicklet," is the live-in girlfriend of Thomas 'Stick' Henderson to gather evidence. Detective Bo Lockley is instructed to try to find her, not knowing she's also a cop.
LA cops get in over their heads when they don't heed orders from above and go after a big crime boss. While higher ups in the police department want the cop duo to just focus on nabbing petty criminals, the team does so while still going after LA kingpin Rizzo. Various fist fights, chases, shootouts...
Miracle Beach(1992)
A romantically hapless young man named Scott has his life changed when he finds the proverbial genie-in-a-bottle, in this case a very comely lass named Jeannie. With Jeannie granting wishes left and right, Scott soon has a fine house, a wonderful car, and a chance to impress the girl of his dreams....
Scared Stiff(1953)
Fleeing a murder charge, a singer and a busboy (Martin & Lewis) wind up on a spooky Carribean island inherited by heiress (Scott).
Captain Calamity(1936)
Pirates change course for a South Seas captain (George Houston) who says he found a sunken Spanish treasure.
The Gypsy Moths(1969)
Three skydivers and their traveling thrill show barnstorm through a small Midwestern town one Fourth of July weekend.
Local Hero(1983)
An American oil company sends a man to Scotland to buy up an entire village where they want to build a refinery. But things don't go as expected.
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