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Big Wednesday(1978)
Three California surf enthusiasts(Jan Michael Vincent,Gary Busey,William Katt) deal with the horrors of war,the difficult transition to adulthood,and the loss of innocence,over a 12 year period.
My Mom's a Werewolf(1989)
A frustrated housewife(Susan Blakely) is bitten, on the toe, by a werewolf(John Saxon)and slowly begins to become a werewolf herself.
Swap Meet(1979)
Low budget,T and A,comedy about group of teenagers(Jonathan Gries,Debi Richter) hanging out at a California flea market.
Class Cruise(1989)
A group of elite students(Brooke Theiss,Andrea Elson) encounter a group of unruly students(Billy Warlock,Michael Deluise) on an ocean voyage.Despite their class differences the students begin to fall in love.
Scared Shrekless(2010)
A half-hour Halloween special set after "Shrek Forever After" that aired on NBC in 2010. It is Halloween night, and Shrek's family is celebrating by scaring trick-or-treaters. Inside their house, Donkey, Puss, Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, and Gingy fail to scare the ogres, and Shr...
Tom and Jerry: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(2017)
Another Tom and Jerry movie remake. Based on a book by Roald Dahl and based on the 2005 Tim Burton movie. A story is about the little boy named Charlie Bucket.
Dragon Ball: Evolution(2009)
The first live-action Dragon Ball movie released in the US starts with 18 year old Goku and his allies on a quest to find the 7 magic dragonballs before the evil Piccolo gets them for his plans to conquer Earth since awakened for thousands of years.
Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might(1990)
Released in Japan in 1990 by Toei Animation and first dubbed in ENG in 1998 by Pioneer,then re-dubbed in 2006 by FUNimation. A Saiyan named Turles plots to turn the Earth into a desert by planting the tree of might leaving it to dry growing its fruit for him and his henchmen. Only Goku, Gohan, Picco...
Little Fauss and Big Halsy(1970)
A banned motorcycle racer (Michael J. Pollard) becomes mechanic for a selfish braggart (Robert Redford) who races under his name.
Shame of the Jungle(1975)
The film takes place in the deepest part of Africa - "Bush Country". The evil, bald, and multi-breasted Queen Bazonga, who resides in a blimp, inside a cave shaped like a women's legs spread open revealing her vagina, plans to conquer the earth. Before she can do that, however, she wishes to have a...
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