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Things Are Tough All Over(1982)
Cheech and Chong are at it again in this, thier fourth film. But, this is the first time they,ve appeared on the screen in dual roles. Tommy Chong plays Prince Habib, a maniacal Arab, as well as the famous spaced-out wonderer. Richard "Cheech" Marin is Habib's wily brother, Mr Slyman, In addotion to...
The Thing from Another World(1951)
A U.S. Air Force re-supply crew, lead by commanding officer Captain Patrick Hendry, is requested to come to a research station (in Alaska) by Dr. Carrington (the head of a group of scientists working at a remote research base in the Arctic) after they think they have found unknown aircraft has crash...
The Thing(1982)
An American research team in an Antarctica outpost discovers an alien shape shifting creature in the frozen ice. It soon starts to absorb and kill the members of the team. The problem is the team doesn
The Thing(2011)
A group of Norwegian and American scientist,stationed in Antarctica, discover a strange organism buried in the ice.This film is a prequel to the 1982 film.
The Thin Blue Line(1988)
Errol Morris's unique documentary dramatically re-enacts the crime scene and investigation of a police officer's murder in Dallas. Briefly, a drifter (Randall Adams) ran out of gas in Texas and was picked up by a 16-year-old runaway (David Harris). Later that night, they drank some beer, smoked some...
The Thief and the Cobbler: The Recobbled Cut(1995)
In the golden city of Baghdad, a thief steals the 3 golden balls that protect the city from danger. And now, it's up to a shy cobbler named Tack, a beautiful princess named Yum-Yum, her nurse, and a group of "brigands" to save the city from an one-eyed army. This film has been in production since 19...
Frank is an expert professional safecracker, specializing in high-profile diamond jobs. After having spent many years in prison, he has a very concrete picture of what he wants out of life--including a nice home, a wife, and kids. As soon as he is able to assemble the pieces of this collage, by mean...
Thicker Than Water(1999)
A stellar roster of hip-hop performers star in this streetwise story about a pair of gang-bangers who want to channel their energies into music, but soon discover how hard it can be to leave their old lives behind. DJ (Mack 10) and Lonzo (Fat Joe) are members of rival street gangs in inner-city Los...
They Were Expendable(1945)
A dramatized account of the role of the American PT Boats in the defense of the Philippines in World War II.
They Went That-A-Way And That-A-Way(1978)
Two inept cops(Tim Conway and Chuck McCann) go undercover,posing as criminals,to retrieve stolen money from a maximum security prison.
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    Andrew Kempster: So do I.
    Karen Kempster: I think Mimi Siku is a nice name.
    Andrew Kempster: You would.
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