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Superman: The Movie(1978)
Unable to convince the ruling council of Krypton that their world will destroy itself soon, scientist Jor-El(Marlon Brando) takes drastic measures to preserve the Kryptonian race: He sends his infant son Kal-El to Earth. There, gaining great powers under Earth's yellow sun, he will become a champion...
Superman - The Last Son of Krypton(1996)
Tv pilot to 90's cartoon tells the origion of superman. This special is later split into 3 episodes of the superman tv series.
Superman (turkish)(1979)
Turkish superman film. After a mysterious prologue in a Christmas tree ornaments-filled "starscape", Turkish Clark Kent is told by his parents that he is an Alien from space and that he must leave to accomplish his destiny. They give him a green gem which he takes into a nearby cave. There, Jor-E...
SUPERMAN (india)(1987)
Strange india ripp-off movie based on dc comics superman. Not as funny as the turkish superman movie, but worth a laugh if you can find a copy.
Superhero Movie(2008)
Rick Riker is an unpopular student at Empire High School. He lives with his Uncle Albert and Aunt Lucille. He has one friend and confidant, Trey (Kevin Hart). His crush is the breathtaking, Jill Johnson. During a school field trip at an animal research lab, a mutated dragonfly bites Rick. During a...
Supergirl qualifies as one of the most bizarre comic book adaptations ever to hit the silver screen. Bereft of logic or sensible plotting, but featuring a strong cast and slick special effects, the film follows Superman's cousin Kara (played by Helen Slater in her film debut) as she leaves Krypton t...
Super Fuzz(1980)
After being accidentally exposed to radiation, A policeman develops super powers. However, whenever he sees the color red,he temporarily loses his newly aquired abilities.
Super Fly(1972)
Priest is a drug dealer, who wants to quit. But before he does, he tries to make one last big score. To do that he needs 30 kilos. Now he goes around trying to find someone who can provide him with it and someone offers but the only problem is the person who is providing him, expects him to go on de...
Super Dude(1974)
His job was busting junkies. His mistake was loving one.
Super Ducktales(1989)
For their mother's birthday, the Beagle Boys secretly alter the city plans for a major roadway so that it runs directly through Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin. With no alternative, Scrooge must have his Bin physically moved and he decides to hire an accountant to keep track of his assets for the move. T...
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