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The Return of the Pink Panther(1975)
Peter Sellers's third go-around as the prideful but bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau is funny enough, but this 1975 Blake Edwards revival of the Sellers-Clouseau connection is a little weak in comparison to predecessors The Pink Panther and A Shot in the Dark (both made in 1964). Costar Christoph...
Return of the Living Dead Part II(1988)
A virtual remake of its predecessor, Return of the Living Dead (1985), which itself was a tongue-in-cheek rip-off of director George Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968), this follow-up adheres strictly to a gore and gags formula. Jesse Wilson (Michael Kenworthy), is a young boy being bullied by...
Return of the Living Dead III(1993)
A more straightforward horror film than the darkly comic Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988), this third chapter in the "Living Dead" saga was directed by Brian Yuzna and is quite similar plot-wise to his earlier film, Bride of Re-Animator (1990). J. Trevor Edmond and Mindy Clarke star as Curt...
The Return Of The Living Dead(1985)
Middle-aged family man Frank (Jim Karen) trains teenaged Freddy (Thom Matthews) for his new job at a medical supply warehouse. In an effort to impress and frighten his young charge, practical joker Frank reveals that the warehouse basement contains a cannister full of a mysterious chemical capable o...
The Return of the King(1980)
Rankin/Bass' adaptation of the final book of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bilbo Baggins recounts his mission to finally destroy the ring of Mordor once and for all. Often called by fans as an unofficial sequel to Ralph Bakshi's The Lord of the Rings (1978).
Return of the Killer Tomatoes!(1988)
It has been 10 years since the last Killer Tomato has been squished into sauce. To this day the tasty red fruit are banned, and some folks fall in to paroxysms of fear at the mention of tomatoes. Still the general public has been lulled into believing that they are finally safe from the genetically...
The Return of Jafar(1994)
Aladdin is adjusting to his new life as part of the upper crust. He and Princess Jasmine may not be married yet, but the pressures of palace society have already begun. On top of that, Iago (the parrot pet of Sultan's ex-vizir turned genie, Jafar) appears asking for help and no one is happy to see h...
The Return of Godzilla(1985)
Released in America as the heavily re-edited Godzilla 1985, this 16th Godzilla film ignores all previous sequels and serves as a direct follow-up to the original 1954 Gojira. This film restores the darker tone of the original, as we witness the nuclear destruction of giant lizard terrorizing 1984-e...
Return Of The Fly(1959)
Phillipe Delambre,now an adult,continues his father's experiments,with same horrifying results.
The Return Of Captain Invincible(1983)
Captain Invincible (Alan Arkin) was a famed superhero during World War II. He was later accused of supporting the Communists, so he retired into alcoholism. Now he's been called back into action to fight the devious Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee).
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