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The Pumaman (1980)
American Professor Tony Farms discovers that he is the legendary Pumaman. He resides in London the British Museum where he is found a Aztec priest Vadinho. Vadinho explains to Tony of the long history of Pumaman and teaches him about the powers. Tony is given a costume and other tools granted him ev...
Pulp Fiction(1994)
With the knockout one-two punch of 1992's Reservoir Dogs and 1994's Pulp Fiction writer-director Quentin Tarantino stunned the filmmaking world, exploding into prominence as a cinematic heavyweight contender. But Pulp Fiction was more than just the follow-up to an impressive first feature, or the wi...
Young Jimmy, a British lad whose family relocated to the USA, finds himself ostracized by his peers -- and teachers. After being humiliated at band practice, he flees into the woods, where his flute comes to life. Jimmy and Freddie the flute stumble onto a boat (owned by evil Witchipoo), which tak...
Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of the Living Lies(1980)
Puff the Magic Dragon enters the life of a young fibber named Sandy, and takes her to The Land of Living Lies, where those who are honest are persecuted. Soon young Sandy discovers that the truth is a good thing! Burgess Meredith reprised his role of "Puff the Magic Dragon." Followed by Puff a...
Puff the Magic Dragon(1978)
Young Jackie Draper is child who can't communicate with anyone. Into his life comes Puff, the Magic Dragon, who takes the boy to the magical land of Honnah Lee, and the adventure changes young Jackie's life forever. Based on the hit song by Peter, Paul and Mary, and featuring the voice of Burg...
Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody(1982)
Puff the Magic Dragon pays a visit to a little boy whose creativity has been stifled. Terry's only friend is an imaginary duck named Mr. Nobody, so when Nobody flees to the Fantaverse, Puff takes Terry to find him and teach the boy that Nobody is really somebody! This is the third and final film...
The Public Eye(1992)
Howard Franklin wrote and directed this film noir character study based on the famed New York Daily News photographer Weegee. Joe Pesci plays a character named Bernstein, a freelance photographer for the New York City tabloids of the 1940s. His life is dedicated to his work; with a police radio unde...
Puberty Blues(1981)
Two Sydney adolescent girls join a surfer gang, hoping to better their societal station, only to become victims of its drug abuse, alcohol drinking and copulation.
Psychos In Love(1987)
A strip-joint owner and a manicurist find that they have many things in common, the foremost being that they are psychotic serial killers. They fall in love and are happy being the family that slays together, until one day they come up against a plumber who also happens to be a cannibal.
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