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Pink Floyd – The Wall(1982)
In this unique film based on the Pink Floyd album "The Wall," a troubled rock star looks back on his childhood. And as he recalls all the pain he's endured throughout his life, he slowly starts building a wall around him to keep him away from society.
Pink Flamingos(1972)
A sleazy family tries to compete for the "Filthiest people alive" in this John Waters movie. Divine lives in a trailer with her son crackers, and 250 lb moma edie.But Connie and raymond Marble also want to be the filtiest people. This movie is filled with , animal sex, impregnating females and sel...
A Pink Christmas(1978)
Pink panther looks for food on christmas eve and gets into many mishaps.
Pink Cadillac(1989)
Skip tracer Tommy Nowak is tracking Lou Ann McGuinn for a bail bondsman in California. Lou Ann is also being chased by her husband Roy McGuinn and his birth right/neo-nazi friends for taking their counterfeit money. Nowak eventually captures Lou Ann in Reno, but agrees to stop at her sisters on the...
Piglet's Big Movie(2003)
After an act of heroism goes relatively unnoticed, Piglet decides that he is too small to be worth it, and runs away from home. His friends discover a scrapbook of his at his house, all full of stories of his past heroic deeds and decide to go on an adventure to find him. They realize that if he can...
The Pie In The Sky(1995)
This comedy chronicles the romantic exploits of a rather stodgy young man with a traffic fetish. Even as a child Charlie Dunlap was totally fixated by freeway traffic. Charlie's biggest idol is Alan Davenport, a radio traffic reporter. As a young man, Charlie falls in love with the lively, free-spir...
Pieces of April(2003)
Pieces of April is a 2003 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Peter Hedges. The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. The name is taken from a 1972 hit song by Three Dog Night, which reached No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. April Burns, the eldest daughter in a highly dysfuncti...
Boston, 1942. After being scolded by his mother for putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a nude girl, a young boy chops her to death with an axe and claims a big man was responsible. Forty years later, on a college campus, a young girl's skateboarding accident triggers the memory of the murder and...
A Piece Of The Action(1978)
Manny Durrell (Sidney Poitier) and Dave Anderson (Bill Cosby) are 2 smooth criminals. They've been able to get away with all sorts of stuff. That doesn't sit well with former cop Joshua Burke (James Earl Jones). He offers to keep quiet if Manny and Dave do some volunteer work, but the past comes bac...
Picnic at Hanging Rock(1975)
The story of the mystery in which during a girls school picnic at Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia on St Valentines Day in 1900, three girls as well as their teacher climb the rock and vanish.
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  • Billy Ray: "Hey that's the motherf- I mean... that's the gentleman that had me busted."
  • Trading Places