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Outside Providence(1999)
Set in 1974 Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Tim Dunphy is a teenage slacker and stoner who is part of a dysfunctional lower-class family which includes his widowed, ill-tempered, bigoted father, his wheelchair-bound younger brother Jackie and their one-eyed, three-legged dog. After Tim and his stoner frien...
Outrageous Fortune(1987)
Lauren and Sandy are total opposites who end up in the same acting class and who don't know they are sharing a lover. When he disappears under mysterious circumstances they refuse to believe that he is dead and are the only ones who are searching for him across several states. Ending up in the weste...
A story about a female impersonator who rooms with a pregnant schizophrenic.
Lainie Wheeler has two daughters, but her husband leaves them for a Thai monastery. She completely neglects her job in TV production but finds a new vocation in nursing terminal patients, even after the death of her friend in that home. She also finds a new lover, Matt Harper, who is also great with...
Out Of Time(2003)
A Florida police chief must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion.
Out of Sight(1998)
Steven Soderbergh directed this crime caper adapted from the novel by Elmore Leonard. When ex-con Jack Foley (George Clooney) robs a bank, his car goes dead, and Foley lands in a Florida prison. His escape from prison doesn't go as planned, since it's witnessed by deputy federal marshal Karen Sisco...
Out of Bounds(1986)
An Iowa farm boy(Anthony Michael Hall),heading to LA to visit his brother, accidentally picks up a bag with a million dollars worth of heroin.Now the rightful owner wants the bag back at any cost.
Out of the Body(1989)
A Sydney musical composer who is psychic has visions of a demon murdering beautiful prominent women. When police suspect him of being the killer, then he tries to track down the real murderer.
Out Of Annie's Past(1995)
Annie's got a secret past she's eager to hide from her husband and her family. An iconclastic bounty hunter blackmails her to keep that past a secret. As the stakes increase, though, so do the ruthless and brutal actions of all those involved. Soon, deaths of some major players in the game change th...
Out Of Africa(1985)
Baroness Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep) moves to Africa with her husband Bror/Hans (Klaus Maria Brandauer) to start a coffee plantation. Karen doesn't really feel love for Bror. Instead, she's fascinated with an adventurous man named Denys Finch-Hatton (Robert Redford). Throughout many years of struggl...
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