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Ninja Scroll(1993)
Fedual Japan - a time of danger,intrigue and deception after an entire village is decimated by a mysterious plague, a master swordsman named Jubei undertakes a desperate quest to find The Shogun of the Dark an evil autocrat who plans to overthrow the japanese goverment but in order to capture him Ju...
Ninja III: The Domination(1984)
When a telephone repairwoman (Lucinda Dickey) runs into a ninja who was fatally shot by a group of cops, she reluctantly takes his Katana. Little does she know is that the sword is possessed by the deceased ninja's spirit and now she is under the control of the dead ninja who is longing for vengeanc...
Ninja Dragon(1986)
The ninja's way is the only way to survive.
Ninja Destroyer(1986)
An emerald mine becomes an object of battle for several groups of ninjas.
Ninja Assassin(2009)
A young ninja turns his back on the orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan.
Nine Months(1995)
Everything is going great for Sam. He has a steady job, a girlfriend, and a great group of friends. That is, until he discovers his girlfriend is pregnant. A discovery that will prove how mature he really is.
The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat(1974)
In this 1974 sequel to the X-rated hit "Fritz the Cat", We see Fritz married to a nagging wife, living on welfare, and he's out of work. And he's hating every minute of his new life. To escape his nagging reality, he smokes pot and has a psychadelic trip that takes him to his eight other lives. This...
Nine Inch Nails: Closure(1997)
The 2 tapes of VHS which is the documentary and the music videos is all about the band called Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor is the American musician of NIN, who was truly done for industrial music in all alternative rock. Including Self-Destruct tour 1994 along with Jim Rose Circus, and Marylin Mans...
Nine Inch Nails: Broken(1993)
The Broken movie is the horror musical short film was based on mini album of Broken in 1992. The film has some of the homophobia, coprophillia, and necrophilla in here. The videos are like "Pinion", "Wish", and a banned music video like "Happiness In Slavery", and "Gave Up" was only dubbing the stud...
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