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When the trail goes cold on a murder investigation of a policeman an undercover narcotics officer is lured back to the force to help solve the case.
Napoleon Dynamite(2004)
Napoleon Dynamite is a high school student from Preston, Idaho who lives with his grandmother, his older brother Kip, and their pet llama, Tina. Kip, 32, is currently unemployed and boasts of spending hours in Internet chat rooms with "babes" and training to be a cage fighter; their grandmother lead...
Nanny McPhee(2005)
19th century England, widowed undertaker Cedric Brown has seven children: Simon, Tora, Lily, Eric, Sebastian, Chrissy and baby Aggie. He loves his children very much, but spends little time with them, unable to handle raising them all on his own, after their mother died. The children have had a seri...
Nam's Angels(1970)
A team of Hell's Angels go to Vietnam to take on the Viet Cong army the biker way.
The Naked Kiss(1964)
Kelly, a prostitute, finds redemption in the town of Grantville, where she arrives working as a medium-time seller. There, she meets Griff, the police captain of the town, with whom she spends a romantic afternoon. The woman, traumatized by an experience in the past called "The Naked Kiss" by psychi...
Naked in New York(1993)
The sponsorship of noted filmmaker Martin Scorsese helped the novice filmmakers making this film get it produced and receive mainstream distribution. In addition, it features a vast number of appearances by well-known performers, who took an interest in the project, taking union minimum pay. In the...
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!(1988)
Infamous cop Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) has returned to L.A after kicking the asses of a slew of government tyrants. Unfortunately, during that time, his wife left him, and his partner Det. Nordberg (O.J Simpson) has been shot during a drug sting. An investigation into Nordberg's shooting leads h...
The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult(1994)
The danger never ends for Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen). After many years on the force, he's finally retired...Or so he thinks. A trio of terrorists have set their sights on the Academy Awards, and now Frank has to infiltrate them. On top of that, his relationship with now-wife Jane Spencer (Priscil...
The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear(1991)
It's been 3 years since the events of the first "Naked Gun". Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) is still investigating cases in his own special way, but he and former girlfriend Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley) have broken up. Spencer is now dating a big business man named Quentin Hapsburg (Robert Goulet...
The Naked Cage(1986)
In this women-in-prison movie, the crime this time is car theft and the prison has just as many ugly girls as good-looking ones. Don't worry, though...The good-looking ones get naked and they all get violent. It's rather heavy going, but it's a good movie anyway.
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  • C.D: "Start with obvious. Excuse me, is that your nose or did a bus park on your face?"
  • Roxanne