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A New Life(1988)
After 26 years of marriage, abrasive workaholic Steve and his wife Jackie are getting a divorce. Now that they've parted, they find themselves in middle age and thrusted into the dating world. With the help of his best friend & fellow Wall Street trader, Mel, Steve gets set up on blind dates with li...
New Kids On The Block: No More Games Live!(1990)
This was a 1990 concert thrown by New Kids On The Block.
New Jersey Drive(1995)
New Jersey Drive is a 1995 film about black youths in Newark, New Jersey, the unofficial "car theft capital of the world". Their favorite pastime is that of everybody in their neighborhood: stealing cars and joyriding. The trouble starts when they steal a police car and the cops launch a violent off...
New Jack City(1991)
The gangster Nino has a gang who call themselves Cash Money Brothers. They get into the crack business and not before long they make a million every week. A cop, Scotty, is after them. He tries to get into the gang by letting an ex-drug addict infiltrate them, but the trial fails miserably. The only...
The New Guy(2002)
A high school senior branded uncool in the ninth grade gets himself expelled so he changes his image to cool kid at the town's other high school.
The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking(1988)
After her father's ship is carried off by a sudden storm, the spunky Pippi Longstocking is stranded with her horse, Alfonso,and her pet monkey, Mr. Neilson, and takes up residence in the old family home, which is thought by neighborhood children to be haunted. Soon, two children, Tommy and his siste...
Never Too Young To Die(1986)
High school gymast Lance Hargrove (John Stamos) teams up with beautiful spy Danja Deerling (Vanity) to go after the villainous Van Ragnar (Gene Simmons), a villain with a penchant for cross-dressing. Von Ragner murdered Lance's father Drew (George Lazenby), so it's time for an all-out fight.
Never Say Never Again(1983)
In this remake of "Thunderball", Sean Connery plays James Bond for the final time. Bond has been losing his touch, so it's off to a health retreat for him. An attempt on his life during his efforts at rejuvenation send him off to confront enemies old (Blofeld, by Max Von Sydow) and new (Largo, playe...
Never Let Me Go(2010)
The story of three friends who are tragically born to lead short lives, and the love triangle that forms between them in their brief time together.
The Neverending Story III: Escape from Fantasia(1994)
While the first two movies were based on the novel by Michael Ende, this one is only based "on the characters." It transfers Fantasia into the "real" world. Bastian's dream to get a sibling becomes true when his father re-marries, but soon he has trouble with his new step sister Nicole and with a ga...
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