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MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate(2001)
MVP 2 opens with the lovable Jack being invited to play for the simians hockey team, but when the carjackers team sets Jack up by making it look like he bit one of the players, Jack leaves while other simians players look for him. Jack meets Ben, a runaway homeless skater boy, who lives in a shack a...
Mutiny on the Buses(1972)
Bus driver Stan Butler agrees to marry Suzy, much to the anguish of Mum, her son-in-law, Arthur, and daughter Olive. How, they wonder, will they ever manage without Stan's money coming in? Then Arthur is sacked, and Stan agrees to delay the wedding. Meanwhile, he hits on an idea: Arthur should learn...
The Mutations(1974)
A scientist experiments with crossing humans and plants, for which he uses his students.
Two brothers(Wings Hauser and Lee Montgomery) get stranded in a small southern town where the residents are becoming blood thirsty mutants.
Mussolini And I(1985)
A compelling drama/documentary chronicling the life and death of Il Duce himself, from his days as a terrorist to his alliance with Hitler to the betrayal of his son-in-law and untimely demise.
The Music Man(1962)
Meredith Wilson's hit 1957 Broadway musical was transferred to the screen in larger-than-life fashion in 1962. Robert Preston repeats his legendary stage performance as fast-talking con man Harold Hill, who goes from town to town selling citizens on starting a "boy's band," then extracts money from...
Music Box(1989)
A lawyer defends her father accused of war crimes, but there is more to the case than she suspects.
The Muse(1999)
When a struggling screenwriter (Albert Brooks) hits rock bottom, he's introduced to Sarah (Sharon Stone), a supposed daughter of Zeus and a muse of the arts who promises to help inspire him. However he soon finds that inspiration doesn't come easy as Sarah moves in with him and his family.
Muscle Beach Party(1964)
Frankie(Frankie Avalon)and Dee Dee(Annette Funicello) find that their favorite surfing area has been taken over by a bunch of bodybuilders and a cantankerous trainer(Don Rickles).The second of the AIP "Beach Party" films.
Murphy's Romance(1985)
A divorced,single mother(Sally Field) moves to a small Arizona town and falls in love with the town pharmacist(James Garner)who is twice her age.
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  • Rowlf: Let me talk to them. Woof woof. Woof woof. [dogs heel] It helps to know a second language.
  • The Great Muppet Caper