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McHale's Navy(1997)
The most disorganized crew in the Navy returns in this updated adaptation of the once-popular TV sitcom. Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale (Tom Arnold) has retired from the U.S. Navy and is living on the old PT boat he used to command. He spends his days making the rounds of the Caribbean Island of San Moren...
Mazinger Z the movie(1973)
Based on tranzer z series.
Mazes and Monsters(1982)
Tom Hanks plays a young man who, along with his group of friends enjoys role playing games such as AD&D, etc. and starts taking the game too seriously.
Mayor Cupcake(2011)
A hard-working cupcake maker is inadvertently elected mayor of a small town burdened with debt. Uneducated, she relies on her street smarts to clean up the town.
Max Keeble's Big Move(2001)
Max Keeble, the victim of his 7th grade class, has to put up day-to-day antics of bullies Troy McGinty and Dobbs, and his corrupt school principal Elliot T. Jindrake. After he learns his father has gotten a promotion and they will be moving to Chicago, he plots to get revenge against the bullies and...
Maximum Risk(1996)
Alain Moreau (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a French cop whose colleagues make a startling discovery — a man named Mikhail, who was killed in a high-speed chase with police, looks exactly like him. Curious about the stranger with his face, Alain is told by his mother Chantal (Stephane Audran) that Mikh...
Maximum Overdrive(1986)
Writer-director Stephen King falls short in his debut at the helm with Maximum Overdrive, an absurd tale about a radiation storm that somehow animates machines across the world, causing them to turn on their makers. The film focuses on a group of survivors held captive at the Dixie Boy Diner by a gr...
A mousy young woman named Jan (Glenn Close) and her husband Nick (Mandy Patinkin) move into an apartment in San Francisco. Many years ago, this apartment was the home of a 1920s good-time girl named Maxie. Wanting to be in the entertainment industry, she died in a car accident before an audition tha...
Max Dugan Returns(1983)
"Nora McFee"a widow and struggleing high school english teacher (played by Marsha Mason)..receives a visit from her neglent father "Max Dugan"(played by Jason Robards). "Dugan" ex con..who tried to invest his hard earned monies into Las Vagas real estate is forced to give up his fort...
The Matrix Revolutions(2003)
Neo and Bane lie unconscious in the medical bay of the ship Hammer. Meanwhile, Neo finds his digital self trapped in a virtual subway station – a transition zone between the Matrix and the Machine City. In that subway station, he meets a "family" of programs, including a girl named Sati, whose fathe...
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