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The King Of Comedy(1983)
Rupert Pupkin (Robert DeNiro) is an emotionally troubled man who idolizes talk show host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). His idolization and his personal issues combine to form something dangerous. The movie proves the maxim "Be careful what you wish for...You just might get it".
King Of California(2007)
An unstable dad who after getting out of a mental institution tries to convince his daughter that there's Spanish gold buried somewhere under suburbia.
King Of The Bullwhip(1950)
U. S. Marshals "Lash" LaRue and "Fuzzy" Jones are summoned into a bandit-ridden territory by a local banker. Since the bandit, El Azote, is known to wear a mask and carry a bull-whip, the local saloon owner, not knowing "Lash" is a lawman, hies him to impersonate the outlaw, and pull a series of hol...
King Kong VS Godzilla(1962)
Japan is getting trampled by the two mightiest monsters of ALL time, KING KONG and GODZILLA. See King Kong go throw a BILLION BOLTS, and Godzilla destory an ENTIRE army... Nothing is stopping these two creatures, the only hope Japan has to survive, is to make these two creatures kill each other, bef...
King Kong Lives(1986)
Sequel to the 1976 remake finds a comatose Kong resurrected with an artificial heart and a mate named Lady Kong. All heck breaks loose when the two escape and the army (lead by what looks like to be a live-action Sergeant Slaughter) goes after them to kill them. After this film got made, Dino De...
King Kong(1933)
Fortune-hunters and film-makers travel to Skull Island in search of the fabled giant ape "King Kong." Enticing him with the lovely Ann Darrow they capture him and bring him back to New York where he escapes and ransacks the city searching for her.
King Kong(1976)
An ambitious remake of the 1933 masterpiece Starring Jessica Lang, Jeff Bridges, and Charles Groden. An oil ticoon searching for a way to beat the energy crisis, a stoaway paliontologist , and a young aspiring actress come apone an uncharted island inhabited by primative people who supposadly worsh...
King Kong(2005)
King Kong is a 2005 epic adventure film and remake of the 1933 film of the same name. Directed, co-written and produced by Peter Jackson, the film stars Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, Jack Black as Carl Denham, Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll and, through motion capture, Andy Serkis as the title character...
Kingdom of the Spiders(1977)
Investigating the mysterious deaths of a number of farm animals, vet Rack Hansen discovers that his town lies in the path of hoards of migrating tarantulas. Before he can take action, the streets are overrun by killer spiders, trapping a small group of towns folk in a remote hotel.
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