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Journey to the Center of the Earth(2008)(2008)
Volcanlogist Trevor Anderson is visited by his nephew Sean who discovers his deceased brother Max's copy of "Journey to the Center of the Earth." Taking the book to an Islandic scientist, she mentions that the book is actually a work of fact and soon go on a journey and discover a hidden world withi...
The Journey of Natty Gann(1985)
Natty Gann (played by Meredith Salenger) is a twelve year old Depression era girl whose single-parent father leaves her behind in Chicago while he goes to Washington State to look for work in the timber industry. Natty runs away from the guardian she was left with to follow Dad. She befriends and is...
Journey Back To Oz(1974)
Dorothy Gale and her dog, Toto, are swept out of Kansas and back into the Land of Oz by another tornado, once again. This time she first encounters two new friends; a slaved worker with a pumpkin for a head named Pumpkinhead, and a wooden carousel horse named Woodenhead Pinto III. Them three must...
Josh and S.A.M.(1993)
Josh and Sam are two brothers whose mother is about to remarry. The two boys are sent to Florida to live with their biological father. In an attempt to convince his younger brother to run away with him, Josh tells Sam that he is a "S.A.M.", a genetically superior being created for war, and they mu...
Josh And S.A.M(1993)
Brothers Josh and Sam are fed up with life at home - not to mention each other, so Sam becomes friends with his father's step sons and Josh feels left out. This means war! Josh uses his creative talents to make Sam believe he's a genetically altered mutant trained to fight in battle. So their plot t...
Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience(2009)
Concert documentary film chronicling the July 13 and 14, 2008 concerts of Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas in Anahiem on their Burnin' Up Tour. This concert film also features special guests Demi Lovato on "This Is Me", Taylor Swift on "Should've Said No" and Robert "Big Rob" Feggans (their bodyguard).
Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie(2002)
After a roadside accident causes the Veggie Family to take refuge at a french seafood restaurant, they seem to all want to blame each other. The group soon meets the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything who begin telling them the story of Jonah, a prophet from Israel who must deliver a message from God to...
Jolson Sings Again(1949)
In this sequel to The Jolson Story, we pick up the singer's career just as he has returned to the stage after a premature retirement. But his wife has left him and the appeal of the spotlight isn't what it used to be. This time Jolson trades in the stage for life in the fast lane: women, horses, tra...
John And Yoko: A Love Story(1985)
This NBC TV movie from 1985 is an idealized look at the tumultuous relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
The Johnsons(1992)
According to an ancient Indian tale a giant monster embryo residing in a crystal vase is predetermined to fertilize a blue-eyed woman. She will give birth to something evil to unleash horror and destruction upon human kind. Ugly septuplet brothers reproduced within the framework of mysterious geneti...
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  • Mr. Myrtle, Scottie: Mr. Myrtle: George signed this?
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    Mr. Myrtle: I take it back. You're not in trouble. You're dead where you stand.
    -Mr. Myrtle, Scottie
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