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Jurassic World(2015)
In this thrilling fourth installment of the "Jurassic Park" franchise, two young brothers visit their Aunt Claire who's an executive at Jurassic World, a theme park populated with genetically resurrected dinosaurs. But chaos erupts when a newly created dino escapes its enclosure, forcing the park's...
Jurassic Park III(2001)
When their son goes missing while parasailing at Isla Sorna, the Kirbys (William H. Macy and Téa Leoni) hire Alan Grant (Sam Neill) under false pretenses to help them navigate the island. Believing it to be nothing more than sight-seeing, and that he will act as a dinosaur guide from the safety of t...
Jurassic Park(1993)
On a remote island, a wealthy entreprenuer secretly creates a theme park featuring living dinosaurs created from prehistoric DNA. Before opening the attraction to the general public, he invites a top paleontologist, paleobotanist,a smart mouthed mathematician/theorist and his two eager grandchildren...
Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, an offbeat young woman makes an unusual decision regarding her unborn child.
The Junkman(1982)
Junkman and movie-maker Harlan Hollis struggles to stay alive when a jealous partner in his company hires goons to kill him.
Ultimate manly man Arnold Schwarzenegger learns what it's like to be an expectant mother in director Ivan Reitman's high-concept comedy. Schwarzenegger plays Dr. Hess, a medical researcher working on a revolutionary drug to help mothers carry endangered infants to term. When government regulations p...
Jungle Gents(1954)
When the Bowery Boys discover that Sach has a strange ability to sniff out diamonds, they hatch a scheme to make money out of it.
The Jungle Captive(1945)
An ape woman is bought back from the dead.
The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story(1998)
A direct-to-video sequel to Disney's 1994 live-action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of feral Mowgli, raised by animals.
Jungle book (1990 rerelease)(1990)
!990 big screen rerelease of disney's jungle book. Played with mickey mouse short "mickey and the seal."
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  • Norman Osborn: 40,000 years of evolution and we barely even tapped the vastness of human potential.
  • Spider-Man