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A young pregnant woman marries a screenwriter so he can avoid being drafted into the army.
Jem: the movie(1985)
Jerrica Benton is the owner of Starlight Music and the Starlight Foundation, which is a foster home for young girls. But by using her earrings to project a holographic image over herself, she is transformed into her alter ego Jem, the lead singer for the successful music group, Jem and the Holograms...
Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again(1982)
The mild-mannered Dr. Daniel Jekyll is, without a doubt, brilliant and on the right track with his life. He is the most gifted surgeon at Our Lady of Pain and Suffering, well-respected by his peers, and is engaged to Mary Carew, the lovely daughter of the hospital administrator. And to top it off...
Jeepers Creepers II(2003)
Three days after the events of the first film Billy Taggart assists his father by erecting scarecrows in the corn field. After inspecting one of the scarecrows he noticed that it had clawed feet. When the scarecrow suddenly comes to life he runs back towards the farm to call for help, but is interce...
Jeepers Creepers(2001)
Jeepers Creepers is a 2001 American horror film written and directed by Victor Salva. The movie takes its name from the 1938 song "Jeepers Creepers" which is featured in the film. The film chronicles a day in the life of two siblings, Trish and her brother Darry Jenner. As they drive through the Fl...
The Jazz Singer(1980)
A New York cantor(Neil Diamond) rebels against his traditional father(Laurence Oliver) by moving to Los Angeles and becoming a rock and roll singer.
Jaws: The Revenge(1987)
After another deadly shark attack, Ellen Brody decides she has had enough of New England's Amity Island and moves to the Caribbean to join her son, Michael, and his family. But a great white shark has followed her there, hungry for more lives.
Jaws 3-D(1983)
The plot of Jaws 3-D moves away from Amity Island to SeaWorld in Florida, a water theme-park with underwater tunnels and lagoons. As the park prepares to open, it is infiltrated by a baby great white shark which attacks and kills water-skiers and park employees. Once the baby shark is captured, it b...
Jaws 2(1978)
4 years after the 1st shark attack, police chief Martin Broady suspects that another man eater has strolled into Amity after a young girl dissapears and a boat mysteriously exploads! But can he convince the mayor it wasn't an accident before more people die?
Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Peter Benchley's novel of the same name. It tells the story of Police Chief of Amity Island, a fictional summer resort town, Martin Brody, in his quest to protect beachgoers from a great white shark by closing the beach. This is overruled by the town council...
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  • Baby:I wanna go to the afterlife! I wanna go to the afterlife!
    Fran:You cannot go to the afterlife. Not for a very very long time.
    Baby:I wanna go to the afterlife now! Better then the nowlife!
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