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Hotel Sorrento(1995)
A trio of sisters reunite in a coastal Victorian town after one of them has published a hugely paying autobiographical novel.
Hotel Rwanda(2004)
The true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda.
Hotel for Dogs(2009)
In Central City, siblings Andi and Bruce defraud a pawn shop owner to raise money to feed their Jack Russel Terrier, who responds to the name of Friday. Soon afterwards, the pawn shop owner approaches them with a police officer, pointing Andi out as the culprit. As she tries to talk her way out of t...
Hot Dog... The Movie(1984)
When a hopeful young American hot-dogger goes pole-to-pole with an arrogant Austrian pro, the snow really starts to fly! But as hot as it is on the mountain, it gets even hotter off when the pro's ex-girlfriend (Tweed) sets her eyes on the new blood. Who'll win the competition and the girl? Only a r...
Hot Chocolate(1992)
A wealthy Texas businesswoman attempts to buy a chocolate factory in France.Starring Bo Derek and Robert Hays.
Hot Chili(1985)
Some college boys visit Mexico to take jobs at a resort for the Summer. Their primary goal? That of so many teens throughout the decades: Getting some action. One of them wants to find true love, though, although it would be a great bonus if some action were involved.
Hot Boyz(2002)
A kid from the inner city tries to find his way through corruption, crime and injustice.
HBO film based on the true story of a group of American,English,and Irish citizens held hostage by brutal terrorist.The film stars Kathy Bates and features an appearance by a young Colin Firth.
Hostage (1983)(1983)
Set in 1980's Australia, this is the true story of a woman whose husband eventually reveals to her that he is an active member of the Nazi party. A real nightmare begins for her.
Horton Hears a Who!(1970)
In this story, Horton discovers there is a microscopic community of intelligent beings called the Whos living on a plant that only he can hear. Recognizing the dangers they face, he resolves to keep them safe. However, the other animals around him think Horton has gone crazy thinking that there are...
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  • [Rebecca is a terrible singer]
    Jesse: I'll just teach her to sing on key. Or in a key.
    Joey: How about the Florida Keys?
  • Full House