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Frankenstein Conquers the World(1965)
The heart from the scientist's experiment gets exposed to the nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and mutates into the giant humanoid monster, Frankenstein! Meanwhile, another giant monster is running rampant, Baragon! It is a duel of the monsters in this sister production to KING KONG VS. GODZILLA
Frankenstein 90(1984)
Yet another incarnation of Mary Shelley's 1818 Frankenstein, this uneven spoof by Alain Jessua casts Victor Frankenstein as a cybernetics wizard who constructs his monster with a notable lack of aesthetic sense but invests him with great microprocessors, and the newly-minted ogre finds life rather l...
Frankenstein - 1970(1958)
Needing money, the last of the Frankensteins leases his castle out to a film company as he tries to complete his ancestor's gruesome experiments at creating life.
Frankenstein's Bloody Terror(1968)
A man suffers from the curse of lyncanthropy and seeks out the aid of a German doctor and his wife who are experts in the occult. Unknowingly, the cursed man has summoned two vampires instead, who have plans of their own for the werewolf.
Dr. Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) is a scientist who has devoted his time to prevent death and create a new life through resurrecting dead tissue with the help of various electric machines and lighting. It has become his obsession and passion above everything else even his own bride to be Elizabe...
Also called "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" this 1994 film is considered the most faithful adaptation of the classic novel. The story begins in the year 1794. Captain Robert Walton is leading a daring expedition to reach the North Pole. While their ship is trapped in the ice of the Arctic Sea, Walton...
Adventurous viewers not repelled by the title of this horror exploitation-comedy from Frank Henenlotter (director of the splatter cult classic Basket Case) will find a fair share of laughs on display, thanks to Henenlotter's typically energetic devil-may-care brand of gruesome humor. James Lorinz te...
Fozzie's Muppet Scrapbook(1985)
Fozzie Bear remembers scenes from The Muppet Show.
Foxy Fables(1986)
This is a claymation film with stories based on classics fables.
Foxy Brown(1974)
A sexy black woman named Foxy Brown, seeks revenge after gangsters led by the kinky couple of Steve Elias and Miss Katherine kill her government agent boyfriend, Michael.
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