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Escape to Witch Mountain(1975)
In this Disney classic, orphaned brother and sister Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia (Kim Richards) have supernatural powers, which eccentric millionaire Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) intends to exploit with the help of his cronie Lucas Deranian (Donald Pleasence). But the discovery of a map under the p...
Escape from the Planet of the Apes(1971)
Cornelius, Zira, and Dr. Milo escape the devastating explosion from their home planet in the remains of Taylor's spaceship however they land on Earth in the year 1973. At first the Apes are treated well and accepted with open arms but then President's Science Advisor Dr. Otto Hasslein slowly discove...
Escape from New York(1981)
In the year 1997 New York city has been turned into a maximum security prison. The President of the States plane has crashed in the Manhattan area. It's up to US veteran & bank robber Snake Plissken to get him back to safety. Directed by John Carpenter and staring Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Er...
Escape From L.A(1996)
On August 23, 2000 an earthquake hits Los Angeles, Causing the city to separate from the mainland. Where the government forums another waste land prison, For all the gangs and low lives of society. In 2013, captured Peruvian Revolutionary prisoner Cuervo Jones seduces the New President's daughte...
Escape 2000(1982)
Deviants are held at a rehabilitation fortress until they're set into a deadly game of survival, in the hopes of returning to world society.
Ernest Scared Stupid(1991)
Ernest (Jim Varney) gets into deep trouble when he decides to build a treehouse for the neighborhood kid and accidentally digs up an ugly, evil-tempered troll who hates all children and shows it by promptly turning the five kids helping Ernest into wooden sculptures. This is the fourth entry in the...
Ernest Saves Christmas(1988)
When Santa Claus decides to retire, he appoints a washed-up kiddie show host (Douglas Seale) to take his place. Along the way, the real Santa ends up in the slammer on Christmas Eve, and it's up to goonish, glad-handing Ernest P. Worrall (Jim Varney) to bust him out. Varney plays a handful of suppor...
Ernest Rides Again(1993)
Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) inadvertently finds the long-missing British crown jewels (the tower of London contains fake jewels, according to the film) after he stumbles over a half-buried cannon from the Revolutionary War on the campus of the university where he works. This dim-bulbed comedy (th...
Ernest in the Army(1998)
The U.S. Army's most unlikely soldier, Ernest P. Worrel (Jim Varney), finds himself responsible for saving the world when he and his troopmates are sent out to take down a tyrant. As with other entries in the Ernest series, this one is filled with plenty of low-brow, slapstick humor.
Ernest Goes To School(1994)
Ernest (Jim Varney) works as a janitor at Chickasaw Falls High School, which is facing closure due to the School Board's decision to merge other schools in the area. There is also a new rule: All employees are required to have graduated. Ernest never did. Ernest has two choices as a result: Redo gr...
Quote O' Matic
  • Leader-1: This is Small Foot's only chance
    Scooter: This has got to work.... It's just got to.
    Turbo: Nothing's happening.
    Leader-1: Come on Small Foot!
    Scooter: I'll give her more power.
    Leader-1: She's coming around!
    Turbo: She's gonna make it!
    Scooter: Whew! That was close.
  • The Challenge Of The GoBots